Humidifier for Baby: How to Choose?

How to choose an air humidifier for a baby? This question excites every thoughtful parent. The point is that our health and our mood depend on many factors where our microclimate takes not the last position including humidity and clean air what we breathe.

Indeed, with the care of our child, we primarily pay particular attention to this criterion when we speak about the room where our child lives. In this article, we will try to figure out whether this device is so necessary and how to choose it properly.


What Does a Humidifier Do?

A humidifier is raising the humidity of the air by vaporizing or delivering water to the air. Depending on the type and capacity, the humidifier may fill the lack of humidity, creating the artificial microclimate, that is most favorable for the human body in the urban environment during the heating season. It means that a humidifier is providing the life-essential humidity level inside of your own house.

Humidifier For Baby: Benefits?

Before we find out how to choose an appropriate humidifier for a children’s room, we need to decide, whether we need it or not.

For This Purpose, We Offer You To Answer A Few Questions:

  1. Does your child have sleeping issues?
  2. Does his skin shell and dry periodically?
  3. Does your child easily catch a cold?
  4. Does he get tired fast and often gets naughty, especially in winter?
  5. Does your child often get sick?

If at least one answer was positive, you do need a humidifier because the reason is dry air. Now let’s figure out why dry air makes a negative impact on our health.

If we may say so, dry air works as a sponge that absorbs humidity from our organism – from hairs, skin, respiratory tract and therefore it dries mucous membrane. The crusts start to form in the nose, a child may feel trouble breathing, moreover, the dry mucous membrane can not defend itself from viruses and microbes.

As a result, a child has trouble with sleeping, gets tired fast, gets sick often because of the deterioration of his immune system. Wherein it is like to increase the speed of appearing of allergy due to microscopic dust particles in dry air that fall into the respiratory tract and can be a cause of irritation. That is why the humidifier for babies is an essential purchase for the winter.

Summing Up The Above Written, We Can Say That Dry Air Leads To:

  • Reduction of immune system;
  • Dry of mucous membranes;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • Disturbance of restful sleep;
  • A tendency to allergies;
  • Nervousness and caprices;
  • Violation of breastfeeding.

Take it into account! Optimal humidity for a human organism is 40-60%, depending on the seasons.

All possible heaters, metallic radiators, hot pipes additionally dry air are very dry even in a common apartment. Usually, in winter, according to statistics, the humidity at home is up to 20%, as same as in the Sahara desert!

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Types of Air Humidifiers: How Does A Humidifier Work?

By and large, we have decided exactly that humidifier for a baby is a necessary item and now we need to understand which humidifier for the baby to choose. Since these kinds of devices distinguish a little bit from each other, let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type separately.

Cool Mist Humidifier

A special fan that is inside of the device blows through the wet net. Some dust particles together with some kinds of bacteria precipitate on it but wet air comes into the room.


  • Low cost
  • Low energy consumption
  • The possibility to control optimal mode (low, medium or high) and noise respectively
  • It is allowed for using in children’s rooms without age limit


  • It decreases the temperature in a room because of produced cool mist
  • It is good for humidifying, but not for cleaning the air

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Warm Mist Humidifier

The principle of operation is very similar to the previous one but is more complicated because of the additional heating element. Here the device heats and evaporates water like a kettle to create steam (vaporize).


  • Relatively Low price
  • The absence of replaceable filters (unlike the humidifier with cold steam) decreases the price
  • Fast moistening
  • Sterile steam kills germs


  • Hot air streams that can be a reason of burn
  • Increasing the temperature of the air in a room (because of heating elements)
  • The possibility of rewetting the air that is why permanent control is needed to prevent it

Attention! It is better to choose the device with an embedded humidistat and a hygrometer to control humidity.

Many people suppose that this device is perfect for children who often suffer from respiratory diseases because the humidifier has hot steam and can be used as a system for inhalation purposes.

Moreover, many models allow you to use aromatic oils, therefore, a child will breathe clean and good air.

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The Ultrasonic Humidifier

Its operating principle is based on ultrasound vibrations which break the water drops to mist or cloud and this mix is pushed into the air of the room by the fan.


  • Silent
  • Fast moistening
  • The possibility to control the humidity level
  • New functions are added, such as automatic control (including turning off), sensor filter replacement, evaporation intensity regulation and so on.
  • LCD screen and remote control.


  • Price
  • It is contraindicated in use for children under the age of 4 years (due to the special structural feature of lungs of a small child)
  • High-cost filter cartridge
  • Settling of white incrustation on furniture, mechanisms and so on (when used for raw water)

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The Humidifier With Ionizer

It can be a device with cool and warm mist and with ultrasound. The only difference is that it has a function of ionization (even the inexpensive).

It is proven that people who live a long life on our planet are inhabitants of mountains. Do you know why? Because the clean air is saturated with negative ions that are good for human health.

Consequently, the humidifier with ionizer moisturizes and ionizes the air, i.e. and it feels like “after the rain”. It is especially important for children.

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The Humidifier With Air Cleaner Purifier

This type of humidifier is a perfect solution for the parents at choosing a good humidifier for babies because the device helps to eliminate air pollution while humidifying the air at the same time.

How does a humidifier work: The principle of operation: the fan aspirates the air and passes it through the discs. The discs are located in a special drum the lower part of which is immersed in a container with water. The air passes through the wet discs where dust, gems, and all bad particles are held up. As a result, the air comes out fresh, wet, and clean.


  • Multifunctional (cleaning, moisturizing and ionization) and high-efficiency (in hundreds of times higher that a simple humidifier)
  • High quality cleaning (this is the only device that is able to clean the air in areas with high pollution).


  • High cost
  • Big size
  • The need to water change
  • Additional expenses for filter cartridges

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Climate Control System

The point is that this device is a multifunctional machine that includes all functions of fan, cooler, heater, moisturizer, cleanser, and ionizer.

Certain modes that are needed for a certain period of time can be regulated through electronic control. The main difference between the humidifier and air cleaner is the use of high technologies for airflow cleaning and the list of pollutions that can be filtered is very extensive: dust, all possible allergens, smells, chemical stuff, smoke, and so on.

We may simply say, a climatic complex is the same humidifier but has additional filters and functional opportunities for air cleaning.


  • Moistening and cleaning of almost all possible danger kinds of pollution combined in one device
  • Low noise level
  • Simple and comfortable maintenance
  • Availability of many useful modes
  • All benefits of standard humidifiers


  • High price

The same system doctors recommend purchasing for a children’s room if a child has such diseases as asthma, allergy, and any cardiovascular disease and also for families who live in an industrial area. They insist, that a humidifier for the baby’s room may relieve many health issues, related to the lack of humidity of the air in the nursery.

What To Consider At Choosing The Humidifier For Baby

How to choose a good humidifier for the baby room? It is hard to answer definitely on the question. Every device above should be considered and has many pluses and minuses.

Therefore, the choice should be based on the individuality of each case. You can buy a simple humidifier for the baby if the air is dry in your room. But if your child has some serious respiratory diseases, you’d better buy the air cleaner together with a humidifier for your baby’s room or the climate control system.

Financial possibility plays a very important role in the life of every family and it can be a factor which kind of humidifier to buy. But all the suggestions are the same whether you buy a cheap or an expensive humidifier.

So, What You Need To Know:

  1. The volume of the room and Productivity of the device. Very often a manufacturer points out the Volume of airflow that passes through the filter. In this case, it is better to buy a humidifier for baby room that is able to filter the air at least 2 times in an hour. In order to count the square of the room, you have to multiply by the height of the ceilings.
  2. The volume of the water tank. It is clear that this parameter influences on the duration of work of the device., it is enough 4-5 liters of water for an uninterrupted work during the night.
  3. Water consumption. The majority of models evaporates 8-12 liters for 24 hours of working that is enough for solving any tasks.
  4. Functions and automation. The comfortable device with the function of automatic maintenance of the set level of humidity that allows to forget about the high level of humidity and get rid of the manual shift. An additional advantage is a timer that switch on the device at the right time or, the opposite, turn it off after some period of time.
  5. Noise is a required parameter for moistening that will be in a children’s room. Indeed, the less the noise the better for a child. This is why some models have “sleep” mode.
  6. Replaceable filters. It is desirable to find out in advance how and how often you should clean it and where it is possible to buy.

Now you know how to choose an air humidifier for the baby room. It remains to add the obvious: this is not a toy or a part of decor but an item that you need for a better quality of life. It influences your microclimate, that is why first of all you need to choose a reliable and efficient device.