Maternity Clothes for Pregnant Women. What to Wear?

Any woman loves to look great, even if she has a pregnant bump, which spoils the silhouette just a bit. Any pregnant woman is choosing her maternity clothes carefully, considering her own criteria. If you are about to choose, what to wear while pregnant, you’d better start with the tips on choosing maternity clothes.

How To Choose Maternity Clothes


It’s simple. A couple of tips: maternity itself leads to irrevocable changes for the whole period of 40 weeks. A woman may become bigger in hips, breasts, and, of course, the waistline. A woman may become irritated because of hormones and feel bad about the gained weight – a true bitch! And, surprise – the clothes you like most just don’t fit anymore! Sure, we feel fragile during pregnancy and anything may become a tragic factor. Mine was a haircut. I just hated myself after the hairdresser and would spend an hour, crying and cutting my own hair with sewing scissors to correct the shitty hairstyle that I got at professionals’. They say a pregnant belly is the best shape of a woman… Well, no. You are lucky if you have the willpower to resist animal hunger during the third trimester and stay fit but the belly. But if you are like me – +23 kilos – you have to change your wardrobe.

First – even in the first trimester don’t put on your favorite skinny jeans: you may influence blood circulation in a bad way. No hip-line clothing, no tight elastic bands on your stomach, no pressing belts, no correction underwear.

Maternity-Friendly Fabrics

Make sure the materials you are wearing are natural! During so-called toxemia, your body may reveal allergies to anything, including your habitual makeup. Here’s the list of fabrics that cause no allergies and let your skin breathe.

  1. Cotton
  2. Viscose
  3. Wool
  4. Bamboo fiber
  5. Flax
  6. Hemp
  7. Ramie
  8. Modal
  9. Silk
  10. Linen
  11. Cashmere

The Colors of Your Maternity Clothes

The next demand for your maternity clothes is color. The lighter it is – the lower is the risk of dyestuff toxemia. The risk, actually, is very low, for if you are buying certified clothes – they pass all the necessary controls before the item goes for sale. But also, the light colors are better for hot weather.

Make sure the fabric is stretchy – it’s better to be less stressed with too-tight clothing.

Pick up long dresses Greek-style (princess waist dresses)! They would hide the hippo silhouette and add lightness to your heavy moves. You will soar above the earth if the weather condition allows. In winter, I still, prefer dresses to pants. There are plenty of warm tights for pregnant that you can wear under the dress.

Before I got pregnant, I bought a dress from H&M – breastIine, full length. It was an ordinary summer dress, that met the needs of the pregnant – wide on the belly and lightweight.


In Case, You’re Pregnant in a Cold Country

If your second and third trimester accounts for a cold season, and your belly is rather noticeable, pick up the trapeze from outerwear – it will not lie heavily on your stomach. Unfortunately, you’ll become a little bit less graceful, and it’ll take time you get used to the new body dimensions, so the lighter your clothes will be – the better. For winter cashmere is the best – it’s thin and warm…

By the way – it’s high time that you get your hair grown! So if you’ve dreamt to have longer hair – just don’t cut it and it would be perfect for your Greek style. It grows twice faster.

Few Words About The Shoes

As for the shoes – I know, you want to be pretty and adore high heels… Forget about it!

Only flats, sneakers, and winter shoes with stable protectors.

True story – when I’d decided to get me better anti-sleet shoes, I went to Adidas store in my city and nearly kicked my brains out, fallen on the stairs of the mentioned above store. Luckily, I managed to regroup and saved the belly: my snots and wallet scattered to the sides and the scared to the bones employees of the shop would try to lift my huge body up. It’s not a custom in our country to litigate, so I just didn’t buy anything from them and got me classic yellow CATs. Perfect. Here are some pictures of pregnant clothing ideas and styles. Remember – you are a queen! Your body is creating and developing a new life! May your clothes