Mood Swings During Pregnancy: How to Deal With Them?

Mood swings during pregnancy are a typical phenomenon. They are often compared to fall weather: in a few minutes it’s changing from a whirlwind into the rain, and then the rain stops and there is the warm sunshine. The same happens with a woman’s mood during pregnancy. As a rule, severe mood swings are typical for future mums during the early stages of pregnancy.

First Trimester

From a medical point of view, the serious hormonal changes at the beginning of the first trimester are responsible for mood swings. Just think of it: the level of hormone progesterone increases several times during the first weeks! And an emotional swing is inevitable in such a state.

From the psychological point of view, the mood swings at the very beginning of the term happen because a future mum realizes her new status and turns out to be on the edge of radical changes in her life. And here comes an ambivalent attitude toward her pregnancy.

On the one hand, a woman feels very weak and vulnerable, that’s why she demands too much attention and care from others. And on the other hand – the sense of responsibility for an unborn child and of self-importance grows stronger. It’s been admitted that even very immature women often «grow up in one night» after they’ve found out about their pregnancy.

Second Trimester

As a rule, it’s the most emotionally stable period. A hormonal «storm» more or less ceases, the second ultrasound has already passed, and a future baby starts to move. A period of relative calm comes.

Third Trimester

An emotional storm can come again in the third trimester. Why? One of the most widespread reasons is a physiological one. The pregnant belly puts pressure on the internal organs and causes discomfort. Moreover, a future mum starts worrying about childbirth and this fear, of course, doesn’t result in any calmness.


So, don’t listen to your friend’s stories about infant pathologies and how hard it is to carry a baby at the beginning of your pregnancy. Believe that everything will certainly be ok for you. And don’t read horror stories on the Internet about births with complications. Actually, the percentage of successful births is much higher than that of unsuccessful ones. Not many people write about it.

What do the Mood Swings During Pregnancy Depend On?

Is it possible to predict how a woman will behave during pregnancy? Practicing physicians say that it’s quite difficult. There are, however, two working signs. The first: if you experience severe mood swings before your period, be ready for similar manifestations during pregnancy. And the second one is that a lot of character traits exacerbate during pregnancy. For example, if you are sentimental, you’ll likely shed tears over every torn flower while waiting for a baby.

But what if mood swings during pregnancy are just tactics? Everyone has heard a lot of jokes about pregnant women who make the whole world spin around them. Some men seriously consider that the pregnancy whims are a trick to attract attention. But modern medicine has proved that mood swings during pregnancy are caused by objective reasons.

The majority of doctors claim that they often face aggressive mood swings when pregnancy occurs suddenly. That’s why you should do life and family planning! Every child should be desired. Women whose children weren’t a «surprise» have a much steadier emotional background. Moreover, it’s a good idea to explain to your relatives and, first of all, the father of your future child that your mood swings don’t mean that you’ve begun to treat them worse. Tell them about your hormonal background – a lot of people don’t even know about it.

A Storm of Emotions – It’s Wonderful!

Everyone knows that being nervous during pregnancy is very dangerous. But some pregnant women even feel guilty because they can’t control their emotions as much as during their life before pregnancy. And at the same time, the symbiosis of the embryo and the future mother is very harmonious.


A woman and her unborn baby constantly communicate and influence one another. There is a theory that the outbursts of emotions are beneficial for the baby: thus a mother teaches her child that there is a place for different emotions in life. The main thing is not to keep down anger and irritability but to allow yourself to express it.

How To Reduce Mood Swings During Pregnancy?

Remember one important rule: something that is expressed isn’t dangerous. It’s better to sincerely weep, to be angry a little when you want it, than to suppress grief or irritation. Otherwise, this state could grow into chronic depression.

And yet, if you feel that emotions are constantly overwhelming you, it’s better to try to calm down because your loved ones can suffer from your moods. Remember that there are hobbies, your favorite music, yoga and meditation, herbal teas, and just nice communication with friends in your arsenal!