Newborn Clothes: A List of Necessary Things for Every Season

The birth of a baby is a completely new stage in the life of parents. It opens not only with positive emotions and pleasant troubles but also with many questions that make moms and dads worry. One of them is – what newborn clothes will be needed at the beginning. Little children grow very quickly, so you should take care of buying everything you need in advance. In this article, we will talk in detail about what you need to buy for a baby and in what quantity.

What Newborn Clothes do You Need at the Beginning?

How much and what kind of clothes do you need to buy for a newborn in the summer? Here is a list of daily wear items. However, you should keep in mind that in the cold period (winter, autumn), the baby will need warmer clothes:

Baby Onesies

This is a very convenient type of clothing for babies, which has gained great popularity among mothers. The onesie always fits well, allows the child to freely move the arms and legs, and greatly simplifies laying the baby to sleep. For the summer period, you can buy onesies with short or long sleeves. Take 2-3 pieces of each kind. More comfortable are onesies that have clasps in the center or around the shoulders.

Baby’s Undershirts

Most parents are familiar with this type of newborn clothes. Cotton models absorb moisture well and do not irritate the skin of a child. Make sure that there are no additional elements on such undershirts: ties, buttons, etc., since they can all rub the baby’s delicate skin. Usually, there two or three pieces are enough. But it’s up to you to decide.


Panties on the straps model are considered the most comfortable. How many crawlers your baby needs, decide for yourself. Usually, young parents buy at least four models of thin fabric and four dense ones.


It is enough to buy three light models and two warm jumpsuits.


Although the weather is usually quite hot in the summer, the newborn needs thin cotton socks. It is enough to purchase two or three pairs at the beginning.


In summer, it is necessary to protect the baby’s head from the wind and sunlight. Usually, two or three items of light fabric are enough.

This set will be quite enough for the baby to feel comfortable in the hot summer period. When choosing how much and what kind of newborn clothes you need to buy, consider the convenience of each product. Buy models made from quality materials such as cotton and knitwear. It is permissible to choose clothes from a mixture of natural silk and wool. Keep in mind that it is better to avoid buying newborn clothes made of synthetics. Also, avoid synthetic decor, large patterns with a dense backing, pockets, etc. All these elements make the clothing layered, and the baby may feel hot.


For walks on the street, you can buy special suits. When choosing them, consider the temperature outside and the sensations of your baby.


In autumn, clothes for children should be selected taking into account the onset of cold weather. Gradually, you can look for warmer kits for the home and the street. To the basic set of things you will need to buy:

  • Warm overalls. This is a warm suit that can be purchased for a newborn at the beginning of autumn, when the weather is still warm on the street. Under such overalls it is convenient to wear an undershirt or an onesie made of light fabric.
  • Thin blanket. When buying newborn clothes for the autumn time, do not forget about such a standard thing as a blanket. You can use it for covering the child during walks and at home as well. This simple item can replace a lot of clothes.
  • Knitted hat with ties will also be very useful for autumn walks.


In winter, one set of clothes is no longer enough. You will need both warm newborn clothes for walking outside, and light, thin things for a comfortable stay at home. In general, the wardrobe of a baby born in winter should turn out to be bigger than that of “summer” children.

How much and what clothes do you need for a newborn in winter

  • Baby onesies are special clothes for babies. The product completely covers the baby’s body, has fastens on the bottom. In stores you can find onesies with short and long sleeves. In winter, the onesie is convenient to wear under other clothes. For a newborn baby, 2-3 pieces with sleeves of different lengths will be enough.
  • A hat is needed both for the street and for home (after bath for example). More convenient are bonnets on ties. One knit hat will be enough.
  • Warm socks made of wool or fleece. They are usually worn over other clothes. So the baby’s legs always stay warm. Two pairs of such socks will be enough for you.
  • Diapers. In winter, diapers are needed all day and night. But in order to avoid the appearance of diaper rash on the skin of a child, you need to remove them for a while. You can also use various baby creams and powders for diaper rash. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of diapers, first buy a newborn piece from several manufacturers. So you can experimentally determine which option is better.

When the baby is at home, monitor the room temperature. Keep in mind that too high a temperature can harm a child’s health. The best option is +22° C. The set of clothes described above is designed specifically for such conditions.

Also do not forget about the fresh air. Even in winter, you need to do at least one ventilation in the room a day. If you use heaters, you need to take care of adequate air humidification. To do this, you can purchase a special humidifier.

Newborn Clothes for Winter Walks

  • The first thing you need is a jumpsuit for walking made of fleece, which is worn on other clothes. Warm winter overalls or an envelope should be put over it. One such jumpsuit will be enough.
  • Warm Winter Overalls: This thing must be in the wardrobe of every baby. Choose the thickness of the suit individually, depending on how many degrees are outside the window.
  • Winter Hat: It should be warm and soft. It is advisable to choose a product made of natural material. While using wool models, wear a knitted cap under it.
  • Blanket: Regardless of how much clothes are on, when it’s cold, you need to additionally use a thick blanket. You need to keep track of how many degrees are outside. The blanket is needed at -20 … -25 ° C, as well as in strong and gusty winds.

It is very inconvenient to put sweaters and unfastened shirts on the baby. It is better to choose things on the fasteners. Thus, it is much easier to change clothes. Knitwear should be finely knit so that fingers are not tangled. Avoid clothing with a large abundance of ribbons, ties, and other decors, as they can get into the child’s mouth.


For this time of the year, you do not need to buy many sets of warm outerwear, as the baby will grow up by the next cold season.

If the baby was born in the spring, then you need to purchase not only things for the spring season, but also start planning how much clothing the newborn will need in the summer. For babies born in early spring, you will also need warm clothes for walking. It is also worth considering that in apartments the heating is turned off quite early, and for some time it can be cool in the house. For this case, you should buy a pair of sets of home warm clothing.

Clothing Safety Tips

Take these recommendations into account when purchasing newborn clothes.

  • Buy items from soft, easy-to-wash clean cotton or cotton blends.
  • Do not put your baby in clothes with ties (such as hoodies with ties); they can wrap around small hands, fingers and even around the neck.
  • Buy clothes with spacious openings for the head so that the process of dressing your baby is easy for you and comfortable for the child.
  • Check regularly whether buttons hang on the clothes – the baby may accidentally choke on a torn button.
  • Do not dress your baby in clothes with decorative elements, such as beads and ribbons, which are very attractive for small hands. If some of them accidentally come off, they can cause strangulation.