What to Eat While Breastfeeding – Fast Dishes for Great Lactation

What to Eat While Breastfeeding - Fast Dishes for Great Lactation
What to Eat While Breastfeeding - Fast Dishes for Great Lactation

What to eat while breastfeeding? You have definitely asked this question if you are a nursing mother. We have a quick answer on the foods you may eat with pleasure, but also, you should get aware on the foods, that you might have to exclude.

Useful food

  • Meat, especially beef, mutton, poultry (you should carefully eat the meat of hens and other birds from poultry farms), game, eggs in limited quantity (on the one hand, they are useful, on the other  – sometimes can cause an allergy).
  • Fish, especially fat because cod-liver oil is very useful!
  • All vegetable oils (olive, sesame, linen, an oil from wheat germs and so forth and so forth) and butter.
    Grain, especially integral, not refined.
  • Pasta of firm grades of wheat.what to eat while breastfeeding

Taking into account these recommendations our cook offered these dishes at your choice

  • Bruschetta with olives (champignons);
  • Salad with a grapefruit, chicken and a sauce of natural yogurt;
  • Porridge with bulgur and dried fruits;
  • Salad with a tinned tuna and paste;
  • Salad with paste, cherry tomatoes and a mozzarella;
  • Mussels with a creamy sauce;
  • Paste with a seabass, eggplants and cherry tomatoes;
  • Paste with a walnut;
  • Lasagna with vegetables (classical with a bolognese is also possible);
  • Cantucci (the Italian cookies with almonds);
  • Pita (self-made flat cakes inside which stuffing is possible).

What to eat while breastfeeding with caution

  • MilkCrude vegetables, fruit and berries. You can eat them, but at first, it is necessary to subject them to thermal treatment: Vegetables: to bake, extinguish or cook, fruits – to parboil. You’d be safe using dried fruits, because many dried fruits are very sweet, and the breastfeeding women often want to eat something sweet! The thing is that a lot of glucose is spent on “production” of breast milk, so the hand-made desserts are really great! Purchased sweets contain a lot of synthetic fats (margarine) that is very harmful! It is necessary to eat very carefully white cabbage (even boiled!), peas, and haricot as they cause the increased gas generation.
  • You exclude the whole milk and fermented milk products, but it is possible to consume cheese in small amounts and the unlimited number of qualitative butter. It is extremely useful!
  • A consumption of fresh pastries, including fresh bread, should be limited. It is concerned with a purchased product for which pastries use a huge quantity of yeast. This yeast doesn’t manage to be completely digested during roasting and continues fermentation processes already in the intestines. It is recommended to do croutons, toasts to solve this problem due to additional processing by high temperature. Slices and small loafs are useful.
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