19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, Fetus Development

Being 19 weeks pregnant, most women already feel the baby’s movements. Someone quite clearly feels every move of the baby, while the others just guess the first “flutters of butterflies.” Your weight is gradually increasing, the hips become wider.

Your kid is growing, gaining weight, more and more it looks like a little person. Your pregnancy comes closer to its equator.

Your baby is as big – As a POTATO


LENGTH- 5.67 in – WEIGHT-6.03 oz


You can hardly conceal your pregnancy. Even if there are no dark spots on the face, swollen nose, and lips, at being 19 weeks pregnant it is almost impossible to hide a rounded belly. And your weight also can disclose your secret.

Due to the growth of the uterus, your gait also changes. And it’s time to forget about high-heels shoes for a few months.

Continue to use a cream and body lotion against stretch marks, also take care of your skin, hair, and nails. If you have problems with your teeth, go to a doctor. At a later stage, it will be hard for you to sit in the dental chair for a long time.

What is Happening Inside of You?

It becomes more difficult to choose the right pose for sleeping. It is absolutely forbidden to sleep on your belly, moreover, it is inconvenient. It is also contraindicated to sleep on the back: the uterus can pinch the cava, and it is unsafe. There is only one pose – to sleep on the side with your leg bent. It’s time to grab a pregnancy pillow.

As the uterus grows, it may be accompanied by some pain in the pelvis and lower back. Your bones begin to slightly diverge, this is not always painless. But only a cramping abdominal pain should alarm you, a slight pain is a norm.

Do not sit in one position for a long time, chairs with a backrest are your best friends now. Do not sit with legs crossed, and certainly do not wear high-heeled shoes.

19 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

It is time to check blood sugar levels and the level of hemoglobin in the blood, to pass a urine test for protein. If necessary, a doctor will refer you to be tested for progesterone levels.

At this time you may have the second compulsory ultrasound. The doctor will check the child’s heartbeat, evaluate the motor activity of the fetus, will diagnose pathologies. He will also specify the size of the uterus and the baby. The state of the amniotic fluid will be assessed.


Fetus on the Nineteenth Week of Pregnancy

The brain of your baby is growing and rapidly developing. It also affects the fact that the movements of your baby become coordinated, former chaos is going away.

Now the bronchial tree of the baby is being formed, his respiratory system is being improved. Sebaceous glands of the fetus also work actively: they produce white and gray lubricant which protects a fetus from the amniotic fluid and pathogens.

At this stage, the development of a fetus occurs quite rapidly: the neck of the kid got stronger, it can already be rotated 180 degrees.

Your Child Gives Signals

Now, such wonderful things as a tactile sensation of your baby and psychological attachment to them have come to your life. He gives you signals in the form of the first movements, and more and more you feel the real presence of your baby.

Your mental attitude does not cause disturbances during this period. Yes, you can be a little tired, so any loads are contraindicated. Love yourself and your baby, have a rest when it is needed, and be active if you can.

19 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the nineteenth week of pregnancy.

Weight Gain: Porridges And Beef Are Number 1 In Your Menu

Now there shouldn’t be fried and fatty foods on your menu. Spicy, smoked foods, foods with unnatural additives must also be minimized. Pickles and candies are under strict control now.

Foods with a high content of calcium and iron must be “registered” in your daily diet. And it means that buckwheat, oatmeal, dried apricots, blueberries, tomato juice, beef are on the list of your culinary preferences now. The veg moms may sustain the beef with tofu and other bean products.

Eat often but small portions, and do not arrange any night snacking.