5 Do’s and Don’ts for Buying Newborn Baby Clothes

There are so many different purchases (or if you’re lucky, hand-me-downs from neighbors and friends) that having a newborn baby requires — a baby stroller, bottles, blankets, a baby monitor, and clothing. This list only scratches the surface of all of the material items that it takes to bring a new baby into your home, and this doesn’t even account for the emotional highs and lows of having a newborn baby. Figuring out the right things to buy for your baby and within your budget can feel like a part-time job on its own, but thankfully, it’s something every new parent goes through.

As any new parent knows, each new stage of a baby’s life requires a new onslaught of purchases to meet them in their development. For newborn baby clothing, this growth is quick and seemingly relentless. We’ve all heard of parents lamenting that the expensive boots they bought their newborn baby only lasted one wear before the baby grew, and in fact, most newborn babies grow out of their clothing within just three to four weeks!

Because of this, it’s not a very economical decision to buy designer brands for your newborn baby, and yet, most new parents want to adorn their child in quality clothing for their first few months out in the world. It may seem difficult to have both quality and affordable newborn baby clothing, but thankfully, there are more and more options available to new parents.

To help you with your process of dressing your newborn baby in quality clothing, here is the top do’s and don’ts for dressing your newborn baby.


Do Get Excited

Let’s start by affirming the anticipatory eagerness you’re likely feeling about shopping for your newborn baby’s fashion. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of shopping for a newborn baby is looking at adorable clothing. From tiny pants to sophisticated baby sweaters to witty graphic tees, shopping for baby clothes can be a surreal and exciting experience. Allow yourself to indulge that giddy part of you that’s excited about bringing this miniature human into the world! After all, it’s not every day you bring a newborn baby into your home.

Don’t Buy Tight Clothing

Be mindful of the sizing and the types of materials you’re buying for your baby. Tight elastics, complicated buttons, and scratchy fabrics can make for a cute outfit, but clothing that rubs too close to your baby’s skin can cause rashes and overall discomfort for your newborn. If you can, buy a size larger than you think you need to, so that your newborn baby can grow into the clothing and move around without feeling constrained and uncomfortable.

Not only will this be kind to the baby’s skin, but it will also benefit you as parents in the long run, because an uncomfortable baby is an unhappy baby, and an unhappy baby is a loud baby. Spare yourself the extra crying, and go for the most comfortable option for your newborn.

Do Buy Clothes For The Season

When is your baby’s due date? If you’re expecting a baby in spring and it’s the dead of winter, it can be tempting to buy the baby coats that are on sale in preparation for your baby. But then, in reality, by next year, your baby won’t fit into the coat you bought, and it will take up more space in your closet, and you’ll end up having to buy another coat, anyway.

The same goes for baby swimsuits when your due date is in February. Plan for the first few months of your newborn baby’s life by buying clothing that’s appropriate for the season. When in doubt, cotton onesies made with quality, breathable materials will always be a staple for a newborn baby whatever the season.

Don’t Buy Expensive Clothing

Buying matching designer boots for you and your baby can be tempting. But then, while you may get one good photo out of this purchase, you’re usually better off saving your money for other expensive baby purchases, such as a stroller or high chair. As previously mentioned, newborns grow out of their clothing in just a few weeks, and those first few weeks are usually spent at home adjusting to your new routine with your baby, anyway.

Plus, babies are messy. Don’t risk your newborn baby spitting up and spilling on a designer sweater. A baby’s clothing is meant to keep them comfortable and warm. Fashion should always come second (as cute as it is!). Prioritize function and affordability in those first few months. Your baby’s cuteness will shine through no matter what they have on.


Do Buy Quality Clothing

The good news is that quality clothing and affordable clothing don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, there are many options, both in-person and online, for high-quality and low-cost baby clothing. It’s natural to want to clothe your child in fabrics and materials that have a boutique level of quality. However, as has been mentioned in this article, you don’t want to break the bank. Thankfully, neither option needs to be sacrificed.

At the end of the day, the exact kind of clothing you buy your newborn baby will matter far less than the quality of time you spend with them and the affection you show them every day. If you find yourself in a bind and need quality baby clothing quickly, it’s always possible to reach out to friends for hand-me-downs or go to the local secondhand store. When you prepare with the tips listed above and do your own research, stressing about what to dress your newborn in will hopefully be the last thing on your mind in those special first few months of your child’s life.