42 Weeks Pregnant – Now the Fetus is Mature

This is what is called record time. Only 10% of women become 42 weeks pregnant. And if you are among them, do not panic. Firstly, 42 weeks – this is not a prolonged pregnancy, and, secondly, maybe your timing is just wrongly calculated.

Your baby is as big – As a pumpkin


Length -20.28 in. – Weight -8.12 lb.


This period requires regular medical supervision to prevent a prolonged pregnancy.

A Doppler Ultrasound, pulse measurement, amnioscopy allow examining the condition of a fetus, the placenta, the amniotic fluid in detail, and to immediately hospitalize a mom at the slightest suspicion of any abnormality.

And if you quietly wait for labor, then you should try to walk more, if it’s possible, relax with classical music, and imagine the moment when you will finally hug your baby.


Your baby is growing. In recent weeks, she has grown one centimeter more and could easily restore her weight or even gain an additional 500 g. Everything is fine, but a big fetus is slightly slower and will now move through the birth canal not so easily.

Skeletal ossification continues, the skull becomes harder, which can lead to the lengthening of the labor process and even a birth trauma of a baby.

Your child has quite long hair and nails on all her fingers. She opens her eyes, she becomes active again.

42 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the forty-second week of pregnancy.

42 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

At 42 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasound is rarely assigned and only in case of indications. You should check the schedule of the ultrasounds with your doctor.


To Help Nature

There are various methods of labor induction. And if you are determined to help Mother Nature, do it.

You can try to press the point, located 4 cm above the inner ankle, at different angles. Do it three times for 10-15 seconds, it is desirable to use the thumb and the index finger.

Enema and castor oil are also suitable for this purpose. Draining and reducing the bowel is very conducive to softening the uterus. It is also allowed to have sex and stimulate the nipples.

Your Child Will Be Healthy

95% of babies born between 42 and 44 weeks of pregnancy do not have any health problems. But a prolonged pregnancy, of course, has certain risks. After 42 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta is not just getting older, it is already old, deteriorating the nutrition of a baby and can cause hypoxia.

Due to lack of oxygen, a fetus reflexively releases original stool in the amniotic fluid. Having swallowed meconium with water, a baby can jeopardize the ability to breathe. In medical terminology, this phenomenon is defined as meconium aspiration syndrome and requires mechanical ventilation of the lungs of a newborn and antimicrobial therapy.

But all this – is a result of a truly prolonged pregnancy. And you are only 42 weeks pregnant. In case you are attentive to your health, you will give birth to a strong pretty baby. Without any complications.

In conclusion, I want to say: remember that no pregnancy has lasted forever yet. We can say with confidence: you are at the finish line. In a couple of days or even hours (or even minutes), you will be on a way to your dear baby. I wish you Good luck and Easy delivery!