5 Effective Medical and Cosmetic Remedies for Cellulite

Common, normal, but annoying cellulite. It is the one thing that brings together women from all walks of life because it is a shared problem. No one wants their thighs to be referred to as orange peels or cottage cheese skin, and for this reason, as well as the cosmetic industry that makes women (and men) insecure about cellulite, the search for the perfect remedy is far from the end.

And it is because of this struggle we all face that this article shines the light on some of the cosmetic and medical treatments for cellulite. These solutions work most of the time, and they are not like creams or gadgets whose effects are short-term.


Cupping and cellulite are two words that have been used together in the past few months than they’ve ever been used. The reason for the popularity of cupping as a remedy for cellulite stems from the fact that cupping therapy is proving effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Unlike creams, cupping therapy works on cellulite dimples from the inside out.

During cupping, there is stimulation of blood circulation, as well as the lymphatic system. Once stimulated, the blood is more effective in transporting nutrients to cells, eliminating wastes, and in the process, it encourages the growth of new blood cells and connective tissue. The result is a healthy collagen/ elastin tissue that leaves you with clearer, tighter and dimple-free skin.


Regarding the lymphatic system, cupping stimulates it encouraging faster elimination of fluids and toxins. It also reduces fluid retention resulting in the overall disappearance of cellulite dimples.

By eliminating toxins that encourage fat accumulation and breakdown of the connective tissue, your skin has fewer fat protrusions which manifest as cellulite.

Therefore, after a number of cupping treatments, you should expect a reduced appearance of cellulite and a beach-ready body.


The use of carboxytherapy for cellulite is proving quite effective. It is a non-surgical procedure that involves the use of a tiny needed to inject/ introduce carbon dioxide beneath the surface of the skin. This process is done with the intention of kick-starting circulation and collagen production to make the skin healthier and younger.

The principle behind carboxytherapy is oxygen offsetting. In the treatment of cellulite, carboxytherapy takes advantage of naturally-occurring carbon dioxide since every cell in the body uses oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide.

The oxygen-rich blood cells (red blood cells) will carry oxygen from the lungs to the heart then to the other parts of the body. In areas with high carbon dioxide concentrations, the red blood cells will release oxygen, and the now-empty cells will carry carbon dioxide.


How does this help treat cellulite? Well, through carboxytherapy, the targeted parts of the body are forced to think that they need more oxygen. With the increased oxygen concentration in parts of the body with cellulite, oxygen weakens then destroys the fat cells in the areas.

Even though you will need more than one treatment, carboxytherapy could help you get rid of cellulite. In the long-term, however, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods, drinking water, and working out.


As the name suggests, the process involves freezing. Cryolipolysis represents a non-invasive procedure that freezes and then kills the fat cells. After the death of the fat cells or adipocytes, the body naturally eliminates them.

This procedure is more commonly used for body shaping but is effective in the disappearance of cellulite.

For it to work, you need at least four treatments, and you will start to see the results after three or even four months.

This procedure will leave scars. So, you should be ready for subcision. Subcision is the surgical procedure you have to go through to treat the scars left after cryolipolysis.

Laser Treatment

The use of a laser to treat cellulite is also referred to as a radiofrequency system. The procedure is promising, especially when it is used alongside light therapy, liposuction, and massage therapy.


This treatment liquefies fat, boosts the production of collagen tightens the skin, and cuts the connective tissues to loosen the puckered skin. The other effects of the laser treatment include the increase in blood flow to cells and the reduction of fluid retention in cells thanks to the activation of the lymphatic system.

Cellulase is one of the laser treatments approved by the FDA.


This is one of the most expensive FDA-approved ‘cures’ for cellulite. It is a procedure that involves the insertion of a small laser tube directly under the skin. The laser tube will heat up and melt the fat-causing the appearance of cellulite. It also softens the fibrous connective tissue bands that hold it in place.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get rid of cellulite in its entirety, and you must have deep pockets to see a significant change in your thighs, tummy, or butt.

Bottom Line

Even though you are so badly puckered out and you cannot stand those dimples, you need to know that the dimples will not disappear overnight. Heck! They might never disappear. So, learn to love that body and embrace a healthy lifestyle.