Baby Clothes – Tips That Save Time

It’s not a secret for men, that women have nothing to wear. Nothing at all. They spend minutes to hours, combining the things they’ve bought just to buy. Not to wear.

So now it will become harder! If you are a mother – the time for dressing up doubles. If you are a father, would put a t-shirt and a pair of jeans on your tiny copy! But you have to keep in mind – the self-perception of the baby depends much on how you dress her in the beginning. So be you the mother, or the father of the baby – mind the importance of baby clothes.


Criteria For Choosing Baby Clothes


The first thing to consider when choosing baby clothes, when your baby doesn’t really care for its’ looks, is convenience. My girl once cried for half of an hour because of a tissue label I hadn’t removed from her side-snap bodysuit. And in order to save your time, I’ll tell – which type of clothing I found to be “must-have” one for an infant – a side-snap bodysuit. Your baby does not yet hold its’ head, seems so small and fragile. (mother nature plays on our nerves so that we take better care of our species) Make sure you can dress the baby up with fewer movements possible.

Just to save time, which can be critical, when your baby is yelling after the pleasantly relaxing bath. Pick a couple of sets of side-snap bodysuits. The good thing is that babies grow fast and don’t get dirty before start crawling or eating extras, so the clothes for 0-6 years have low amortization and you can easily give them to someone in need.

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See the label – it gives you either the information on the approximate height of the baby the clothes are suitable for or the age tolerance for the piece. In the beginning, you need something like 0-3 months. At first, all the clothes will look a bit bigger, if you have a 50 cm baby like mine was. But have no fear buying something bigger! It’s always better than a small one.

That’s why don’t hesitate about the size – pick one bigger. I was lucky to get all the clothes from the wife of the brother of the father of my child. She is very neat, and the clothes were sorted by age and type. So, if you have a pedantic mom of a year old child around – you’re lucky just like me. In the case you don’t have one – think of buying unisex colors or multicolored clothes.


Kids start to define their sex and color preferences at age 2,5, they say. And it isn’t necessarily pink for girls and blue for boys. Children prefer those colors just because we impose those colors according to generally accepted standards. If you want people to know it’s a girl – just put a bow anywhere, or pin a flower.



Pick up the clothes, that are stretchy and made of cotton. Normally they all are, but the baby is a gift of nature. Its environment has been all over natural for 9 months inside of you, so should be the fabric of the clothes. Read the tag carefully to know the composition. This is the list of natural fabrics and fibers:

  • Cotton
  • Viscose
  • Wool
  • Bamboo fiber
  • Flax
  • Hemp
  • Ramie
  • Modal
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Cashmere