8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Feelings, Fetus Development

The 8th week of pregnancy (obstetric) corresponds to the sixth embryonic week. If to count months, it is the end of the second month. Being 8 weeks pregnant, most women already know about their particular situation. Those who do not know may guess since the symptoms are more evident at this time. So what happens to a woman and an embryo at this time?

Your baby is as big – As a grape


Length – 0, 31 in. – Weight – 0, 02 oz.


The symptoms of pregnancy that have appeared earlier become more explicit by the 8-the week of pregnancy. The level of hormones continues to grow which results in constant mood swings, tearfulness, and lethargy. The uterus is also growing. Even though a woman doesn’t notice it yet, her internal organs feel uncomfortable. Urination becomes more frequent, constipation may occur. The discharge also can be more intensive, but if it is not accompanied by itching or aching – it is normal. Some women may have brown discharge. If you have no pain in the loin and feel fine – this is also normal. However, it’s better to inform a doctor about it. At this time the main problem of the majority of pregnant women is toxemia. Constant salivation, aversion to food, vomiting do not allow you to eat normally. On the one hand, so many women go through it, but on the other hand, if you vomit more than 5 times a day, it is time to go to see your doctor.


8 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

Through the ultrasound, you may see the movements of the fetus. You may also hear the baby’s heartbeat. For that you don’t need a hospital environment – you may simply purchase a portable fetal Doppler (heart monitor) to use at home.

Fetus on The Eighth Week of Pregnancy

The future baby has a new “status” now. It is not called an embryo anymore – it is a fetus now. The placenta is developing, the uteroplacental circulation is improved. From this week, a fetus gets the supply through the umbilical cord. Despite its small size, a fetus already looks like a human. Its arms, legs, the head may be clearly seen through the ultrasound. The face features are better outlined now.

The internal organs continue to develop. The heart becomes four-chambered, bronchial branches, and the kidneys appear. Genitals also begin to appear: boys have testicles, and girls have ovaries, where the eggs will later be generated. However, you cannot yet distinguish if it is a boy or a girl. The nervous system is being formed actively. Your baby starts to actively move: he clenches and unclenches his hands – feet, tumbles. All this can be clearly seen through an ultrasound. But the fetus is still too small for the mom could feel its movements. It will take several months before a woman can feel it.

All the organs are formed at this stage, no new organs will appear. The little body will simply continue to grow and improve, and continue gaining weight.

8 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the eighth week of pregnancy.

Medical Examination

If a woman has not registered yet at a doctor it’s high time to do it. The doctor will examine her, send her for some tests to confirm a pregnancy, will prescribe vitamins. In addition to a gynecologist, you should also visit a therapist, dentist, venereologist. It should be noted – even if it seems that your tummy is visible to everybody, be sure to inquire the doctor about your pregnancy. All pregnancies are different and all women have different tummies! If an expectant mother has chronic illnesses, or she is forced to constantly drink any drugs, then it is worth telling your doctor about it. If necessary, he will order you to have some additional tests and examinations and adjust medications.


Blood chemistry test- helps to assess the condition of the internal organs of women, to determine which minerals are missing.

Urine tests:

  1. To assess the condition of the kidneys,
  2. To reveal hidden inflammations,
  3. To determine blood glucose levels.


If nothing disturbs you, you can live your normal life. You can do sports, but the intensity of the load should be reduced. Sex is also not contraindicated. However, in case there is a threat of miscarriage, you have to retrain from all these activities.

Many women can have increased fatigue, nervousness appears. To avoid these unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended to walk in the fresh air. You should pay special attention to your nutrition. Vegetables, fruit, protein, and dairy products should be on your daily menu. But pastries, candy, coffee, as well as all kinds of allergenic foods should better be excluded.