Tonus of the Uterus: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

What Is It: The Tonus of the Uterus?

The uterus is a hollow muscular organ consisting of three layers. The myometrium is a smooth muscle tissue of the uterus, capable of contract. For example, it contracts during labor. However, this muscle should be relaxed in its natural state. Such a state is called the normal tonus of the uterus.

If the uterus begins to contract during pregnancy before the onset of labor – the tone of the uterus is increased during pregnancy. The continuous tone of the uterus during pregnancy leads to unpleasant consequences for the fetus, and, unfortunately, for pregnancy.

Symptoms: How To Determine The Uterine Tonus?

Among symptoms of increased uterine tonus in early pregnancy is heaviness in the lower abdomen and nagging pains. Sometimes the pain goes to the lower back or sacrum. Symptoms of the uterine tone in the second and third trimesters are practically the same. But, in addition, the uterine tonus can even bу visible: the belly shrinks and becomes solid.

In some cases, the tone of the uterus causes spreadable bloody secretions. These are very alarming symptoms. You should immediately call an ambulance, and try to calm down. With timely treatment, it is possible to save a baby. Moreover, sometimes the tone of the uterus is asymptomatic, and a woman can not feel any warning signs.

Causes of the Uterine Tonus During Pregnancy

Usually, the development of increased tonus of the uterus is affected by stress, fear, physical activity, and overexcitement.

The main causes of this pathology in the early stages of pregnancy are disorders of hormones in the body. The increase in the uterine tonus during pregnancy occurs because of overload at work and the wrong organization of a lifestyle in the second trimester. Besides, it could happen in case of changes in the uterus structure or the presence of inflammations.

Also, an increase of tonus provokes stretching of the uterus muscles. It happens during multiple pregnancies, if the fetus is too large, or there is an abundance of amniotic fluid. Another reason for the development of the uterine tonus is the presence of acute respiratory disease or other viral pathologies, abortions during previous pregnancies, alcohol and drug addiction.

The tonus of the uterus can cause premature birth in the third trimester of pregnancy.


Treatment of the Uterine Tonus During Pregnancy

The following methods are used for the purpose of diagnosing such disease: palpation of the abdomen and measuring of tonus using special devices.

Initially, you need to visit a doctor for consultation. Usually, an expert appoints compliance with the bed regime. He prescribes sedatives that will help to get rid of spasms and to improve the overall activity in the uterus. Generally, treatment is performed in a hospital. If there is a lack of progesterone in the body a woman should intake drugs, which help to compensate for the content of lacking hormone. Antispasmodic drugs give good results in combating with tonus of the uterus. Heart rate, blood sugar level, and blood pressure should be necessarily monitored during the treatment.