39 Weeks Pregnant – First Signs of Labor

It is the middle of the ninth month of pregnancy. And if you have not given birth yet, you have every chance to do it now. Your baby is ready to see the light. Your body is ready too. The only thing left – is giving birth.

Your baby is as big – As a LITTLE WATERMELON


LENGTH -19.98 in – WEIGHT- 7.26 lb


Over 39 weeks of pregnancy, you have gained 11-16 kg. Now you stop gaining weight, on the contrary – you may even lose some.

The bottom of the uterus is – 36-40 cm from the pubic symphysis and 16-20cm from the navel. The bottom of the uterus decreases, the front part of the fetus begins to enter into the upper part of the birth canal.

You are already 39 weeks pregnant – signs of labor will appear very soon! The placenta grows old; in order, the baby doesn’t feel the lack of oxygen, be outdoors more often. The uterus puts more pressure on your bladder and you may feel stabbing pains in the perineum. You may have contractions, but it is difficult to determine whether they are true or false. The doctor can determine whether it’s time to give birth. The main thing during labor – does not to panic. You will give birth on time and safely.

39 Weeks Baby

Your baby has already been formed and continues to grow. Being in the womb, he gets all the nutrients through the umbilical cord and the placenta, his lungs are ready for the first breath. Villi, responsible for food transportation, have been formed in the intestines; enzymes required for food cleavage are produced in the stomach.

Your baby doesn’t have space to do summersaults- he is too big. His skin has a nice light pink color, which means that the subcutaneous tissue is well developed.


39 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, Ultrasound is rarely assigned and only in case of indications. You should check the schedule of the ultrasounds with your doctor.

Cutting The Umbilical Cord

The umbilical cord has played a significant role during the entire pregnancy. But after giving birth it must be treated very carefully.

At 39 weeks there is a high probability that the cord can entangle the child’s neck. Keeping it in mind, obstetricians remove a baby very carefully, wait until the cord stops pulsating, and then cut it, pinching at two locations and treating it with alcohol.

After cutting, the short part of the umbilical cord dries up and falls off. This occurs in 5-7 days after birth.

39 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy

A Hard and Heavy Belly

The last stage before birth has come. You just need to overcome the last “difficulties”, and the baby will be in your arms. You may have the following symptoms: the belly hardens, a dragging pain from time to time, swelling limbs. All this will cease very soon. The baby will be born, and you will forget about everything!

Signs of Labor

  • Pain in the back and waist.
  • The mucous plug comes out.
  • Frequent stomach cramps (more than five per hour).
  • Bloody discharge.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Diarrhea or thin stools.
  • The leakage of the amniotic fluid.

Listen to your body, at 39 weeks signs of labor are your guiding light, your body will tell you – what to do!

The Second Pregnancy

If you are 39 weeks pregnant for the second time, you should know that signs of labor are similar to those you had during the first pregnancy. However, the second delivery will differ from the first one a bit: the process of birth is much faster due to the rapid passage of the baby through the birth canal. Your body already “knows everything,” based on the first experience. Trust your body and everything will be fine!

Mutual Support!

Do you know what you need most now? You need support, family, friends, and lovers. Sometimes one word can replace the whole set of drugs and the whole army of doctors.

Are you 39 – 40 weeks pregnant? Do you know what your baby needs now? He needs your support! He is in such a hurry to come into this world. Help him. Talk to him, make him sure that everything will be all right. And you will seeе that IT WILL BE!