41 Weeks Pregnant – You May Deliver Any Time

Nine months have passed, and your baby has not yet decided to be born! This is not a reason for concern. Prolonged pregnancy is a pregnancy that has progressed beyond 42 weeks. You still have a certain amount of time.

Your baby is as big – As A Watermelon


Length -20.35 in – Weight- 7.93 lb.


Since last week, there have been no significant changes in the body. Days – are a real expectation. The most important question is: “When will the baby come out?”.

Do not rush yourself, your baby, or nature. 41 weeks of birth is considered to be timely, a baby, born at this stage is not considered to be post-term. An estimated delivery date can not be 100 percent accurate.

The exact date involves a number of factors: the length of the cycle, the exact time of the release of the egg, the fertilization time. Are you able to calculate all the minutes? You can’t, but nature can. Just like an apple falls at maturing – the baby will be born, when ready to live outside. You should only wait for some time and get your brilliant child.


He is ready to be born. All organs and systems are developed and can at any time start functioning. Vernix has almost disappeared, remaining only in the folds and hollows – in the most delicate skin areas which need protection.

Hair and nails grow at the same pace. Laxation – is fine, meconium has accumulated in some areas.

The placenta is aging, membranes separating a fetus and mother’s body become more permeable and let large molecules pass through them. Antibodies from your body, penetrating into the blood of your baby y, become his first defense against the diseases, which your immune system easily copes with.


41 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

At 41 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasound is rarely assigned and only in case of indications. You should check the schedule of the ultrasounds with your doctor.

Prolonged Pregnancy

This pregnancy becomes after 42 weeks. The causes of prolonged pregnancy are the sharp decline in the volume of the amniotic fluid, and in this regard, too sluggish generic activities; lack of forewaters; cervical immaturity; muddy fluid due to meconium; tight fontanelles and sutures on the skull of a child; dry baby skin.

The probability to stay pregnant a little longer increases if a woman gives birth for the first time beyond 30 years.

After 42 weeks birth is induced by various methods.

41 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the forty-first week of pregnancy

To Be Continued…

So, we found out that your pregnancy is normal, even if you are ten months pregnant. To continue your pregnancy or to agree to labor induction at this stage – is exclusively your choice.

In any case, you need to understand that the placental blood flow at this stage is getting worse, and the child receives significantly fewer nutrients. To decide, you must agree to a number of surveys that determine the status of the fetus and the placental blood.

If all goes well, you can safely stay pregnant. Especially due to the fact that now there are some significant advantages – what earlier was forbidden – now is allowed: sex with your husband and a glass of red wine before dinner. There is a reason to enjoy it.