5 Weeks Pregnant – Signs, Symptoms, and Fetus Development

Pregnancy – is a very delicate and unique process. That is why it is important how things proceed in 5-week pregnant body. The 5th week of pregnancy, in accordance with obstetric calculations is the third week from the moment of conception. Every future mom wants to know what the 5th week will bring, what symptoms she may have, and how the baby is developing at this stage.

In general, this time is very favorable. A woman’s body is being rebuilt gradually, a fetus is growing. Therefore, if your pregnancy is planned, and long-awaited, and you have already guessed the possibility of its existence, you should be extremely cautious and pay maximum attention to your health. Indeed, during this period, all the internal organs and systems of your baby are being formed.


LENGTH – 0.05 in – WEIGHT – 0.004 oz

5 Weeks Pregnant: Signs And Symptoms

Being 5 weeks pregnant, your pregnancy test does not always show two cherished lines, because the level of pregnancy hormones in the blood is still very low. But you can notice a lot of other symptoms:

  • Nausea, particularly in the morning
  • The breasts are bigger and more sensitive
  • A nagging pain in the abdomen
  • An increased sensitivity to different smells
  • Drowsiness, weakness, fatigue, and so on

Do not forget that every pregnancy is unique, as the body of each individual is different. You can feel no ailments and changes happening to you. And it is quite normal, especially since the gestational age is still quite young. The absence of any symptoms at this stage of pregnancy is normal.

Being 5 weeks pregnant, a woman may experience a whole range of new feelings. For example emotional outbursts, sensitivity, and vulnerability, and perhaps enthusiasm and a desire to “move mountains”. Most likely, these states will alternate with each other. Today you are full of strength and energy, and tomorrow – you whine and be helpless as a child. Sudden movements or a change in body position can cause dizziness, sometimes you may have abdominal pain. Even discharge is possible, but if it is not heavy and does not cause severe pain, it is natural and normal.


If an expectant mother still does not know that she is in the family way, very soon the first signs of pregnancy will notify her about it. Most women learn about their new status, being 5 weeks pregnant. The first symptoms start revealing themselves during this period, they can become a sign of some unusual condition.

Of course, the first and most significant symptom is delayed periods. In addition to missed periods, a woman may be concerned about a number of ailments and health changes that are associated with the beginning of hormonal changes in the body.

There are no strongly-marked changes yet. However, if to carefully examine your body, you may notice a darker areola, and that your favorite bra is too small now. Rarely there can be a darker strip from the navel to the lower abdomen. These signs are more relevant in later stages of pregnancy, but they also may appear now.


5 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

A fetus is still quite small. However, an ultrasound can prove its existence. In most cases, the doctor can observe just a gestational sac in the uterus.

Fetus on The Fifth Week of Pregnancy

The internal organs of your future baby are developing. During this period, the respiratory system and nervous system of your child begin to be formed. Now, it is represented by one neural tube. The cells of the body of a fetus continue to actively divide. The blood vessels and heart begin to be formed. Very soon they will begin to work. It is hard to believe, but the heart of your fetus will start beating in a week. Now the size of a fetus is only 2 mm.

5 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the fifth week of pregnancy.


There is still a quite high risk of miscarriage. Therefore, you should exclude any energetic activities, sports, and strenuous exercise for the next nine months.