Pregnancy Acne: Causes, Prevention & Treatment

First of all, the skin reacts to the hormonal changes in the pregnant woman’s body. Often you can see age spots but pregnancy acne is also a common thing. Pregnancy acne is a skin disease, characterized by inflamed or swollen spots on the skin surface, caused by changes in the pilosebaceous structures (composed of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland) during pregnancy. The prevalence of the disease is widespread – more than 50% of pregnant women experience skin problems of the type at different stages of pregnancy.

However, some of those women, who have had acne before pregnancy, admit the reduction of the inflammatory focuses on their skin during pregnancy. Acne Vulgaris may sometimes pass without a trace during pregnancy due to the change of the hormonal levels in a woman.

Pregnancy acne may be quite painful, accompanied by a constant feeling of discomfort. The most disappointing fact is that pregnancy acne affects the appearance of the woman whose happiness should not be overshadowed in this joyful and important period of life.

Why does acne appear and how to deal with it? These are the two most pressing issues for all pregnant women who have problems skin.


Causes of Acne in Pregnancy

The main reason for this cosmetic defect is a radical restructuring of the hormonal levels of the female body. However, there are a number of factors that contribute to this situation and contribute to skin rashes. Therefore, you need to know pimples appear why during pregnancy to eliminate these same triggers. The reasons could be:

  • The amount of progesterone starts to increase that produced in the body. This is a hormone that activates the sebaceous glands subcutaneous: the result is a favourable environment for the formation of acne
  • Nervous feelings, stress, fear of childbirth, hysteria, neurosis. So any psychological instability and impaired mental balance
  • Unhealthy diet (lots of greasy, spicy and salty food)
  • Bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse, even in the form of a glass of red wine or a mug of beer)
  • The lack of fresh air
  • Bad skin care (the use of low-quality cosmetics, insufficient cleaning of skin pores from sebaceous plugs and other kinds of pollution)
  • Dehydration (the wrong drinking mode)

All this can trigger the appearance of acne during pregnancy. Acne can occur on the face (especially a lot of them are localized on the cheeks and chin), back and chest. To avoid such troubles, you need to eliminate triggers from your life if it is possible. Though it is almost impossible to affect the hormonal balance during pregnancy and the type of your skin. However, a number of preventive measures can help to improve skin conditions.

Pregnancy Acne Prevention

If pregnancy acne has not yet appeared, it is possible to carry out the prevention of acne, and then you can avoid this trouble. These measures would be good to take in 1-2 months before conception and in the early days and weeks of pregnancy, when the body is still only being rebuilt, and the skin has not yet had time to respond.

  1. Do not forget to care for your skin during pregnancy. Daily washing with and skin tonic treatment, weekly cleaning procedures (soft scrubs and steam baths) and the use of domestic masks will help to improve the condition of your skin and prepare it for the upcoming hormonal changes
  2. Limit the amount of fatty, salty and spicy food in your ration. Avoid carbonated beverages. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  3. Try to walk more in the fresh air
  4. Review the set of cosmetics that you use: are they safe and of good quality?
  5. Try to escape any stress: stressful situations will not benefit the skin during the period of gestation
  6. Drink more water: up to 2 liters a day

If it happens, you will have to pass a small educational program on how to deal with acne during pregnancy to clean the face of the unpleasant cosmetic defect. It does not guarantee that you can get rid of them at 100% but at least, inflammation will go on not so sharply and it will not be not so much as if you leave it to chance. Do not forget about the above preventive measures: they not only prevent acne but can be adjuvant therapy to the basic means.


Pregnancy Acne Treatment

Traditional medicine offers a huge number of recipes that can treat acne during pregnancy. However, any of these methods should be used very carefully. The composition does not contain corrosive substances that cause allergic reactions. In order to eliminate the complications and side effects, some tests on the pre-sensitive skin of the wrist should be taken. You can safely use it for the treatment of the skin If the allergy is not found. Usually, these are the masks and compresses for the face but they can be used also for the back, chest, and other parts of the body.

  • The masks based on green or black cosmetic clay should be done twice a week
  • You can also use strawberry, apricot, raspberry and grape masks made from natural berries: they have anti-inflammatory properties. They can be changed with masks from cosmetic clay
  • Fruit peels
  • Ice cubes from herbal concoctions: wipe in the morning all the problematic parts of the body, especially the method effectively eliminates acne on the chest
  • Steam herbal baths to narrow pores

Traditional medicine is not always safe for pregnant women, that is why it is recommended to take advice from a doctor (a gynecologist observing, beautician, or dermatologist) before using any of the above. Do not use pharmaceutical preparations without expert advice, especially if they include such harmful substances for pregnant women, such as:

  • Antibiotics
  • Steroids
  • Benzene peroxide
  • Salicylic acid

Of course, beauty is important for a woman in any of her conditions but in the period of pregnancy, it is necessary to think first of all about the health of a baby. If you can’t get rid of acne, remember that after childbirth and lactation they will be much less or disappear.