38 Weeks Pregnant – Baby On The Way

It is a time when you may give birth any moment today or tomorrow. But on the other hand, it may happen in a month only, which is also normal. If you are expecting a daughter, it is quite possible that you will become a mother this week. Girls are usually in a hurry to please their parents.

Try not to be alone for a long time. If there is no one near you, always take the phone with you. Births at 38 weeks of pregnancy are considered to be full-term.

Your baby is as big – As a CELERY


LENGTH – 19.51 in – WEIGHT- 6.36 lb


Now the placenta weighs 1-2 kg and its diameter – is 20 cm. The uterus has moved 16-18 cm away from the navel and 36-38 cm above the pubic symphysis. During this period, you can suffer from the following symptoms: edema, sleep disorders, false contractions.

If you cannot sleep and a pregnancy pillow cannot comfort you anymore – drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed and try to sleep on your left side; if your legs are swollen, try not to sit and stand for a long time, give up salty foods, keep your feet up several times a day. If you are concerned about contractions, and you do not understand if they are false or not, walk around the room, the false contractions normally stop when you are moving.

Your breasts have become heavier and require clothing made of natural fabrics. Now you need a bra made of thick cotton fabric. Your body prepares for childbirth, there are hormonal changes, pelvic bones stretch, cartilage and ligaments soften.

Most likely, you already know who will be born: a son or a daughter.

38 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

At 38 weeks of pregnancy, Ultrasound is rarely assigned and only in case of indications. You should check the schedule of the ultrasounds with your doctor.


Fetus on the Thirty-Eighth Week of Pregnancy

Your baby is fed through the placenta. The fluff on the body has to disappear, and the amount of vernix should decrease.

During this period, a boy’s testicles descend into the scrotum. The uterus is too small for your baby and, therefore, he rarely pushes. But his movements become more coordinated, and he is almost ready for life outside the walls of the uterus.

The rate of the baby’s heartbeat is 120-160 beats per minute, a child is tightly pressed with his head to the pelvis. He is fully prepared for birth.

38 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Your tummy has now reached its maximum size. The skin is stretched and itches from time to time, which can be minimized by using a moisturizing cream against stretch marks, or almond oil. Also, being 38 weeks pregnant, many women may notice pain in the lower abdomen, the navel “crawled” out of its nest and become a “bubble”. There is only one piece of advice – do not despair, after giving birth everything will return to its previous state.

The Second Pregnancy

If you are 38 weeks pregnant, and this is the second pregnancy – be prepared for the fact that labor may occur suddenly. Be aware – the birth of the second and subsequent babies is much faster and easier. However, it may be more painful.

Thus, 38 weeks pregnant with a second baby body is ready for childbirth and knows “what to do”. Listen to your feelings and be prepared to give birth!

The Belly is Hard

The body is fully prepared for childbirth. If you are 38 weeks pregnant and your belly hardens, there is a discharge, pain in the lower abdomen, and a nagging pain in the back – which means that birth is coming. Sometimes these symptoms are not so severe, but there are moms who really suffer from those.

If your Baby is Silent

It happens due to the fact that your baby doesn’t have enough space to frolic. So he prefers to sleep. But any mother should periodically feel some movements.

Listen to him, listen to yourself. If the baby does not respond for a long time, contact your doctor to be immediately examined.

Increased Activity

38 weeks pregnant moms start doing household chores very actively with great pleasure. They think that now they can do everything. Such activity is caused by the release of oxytocin, which usually happens just before birth.

If you have any intention to clean up your “nest”, you can do it. But be careful and do not overwork. A mop can send you to a maternity chair.

Signs of Labor

So many months have passed. The body is already quite ready to give birth. The body slowly starts to give signals, indicating that birth is coming. Typical signs of labor:

  • Dropping belly
  • Feeling of tightness
  • Temporary fossilization of the abdominal surface
  • Uterine hypertonus
  • Discharge
  • A slight decrease in weight.

38 Weeks Births

This term of carrying is enough for normal delivery. If you are going to have a cesarean section, now it is time to go to the hospital. Your doctor may already set the date for the operation.

Be optimistic and believe that birth at 38 weeks will go easily and without any complications. The child and the mother are ready for it! Do not panic! Make up your thoughts, relax and make you feel positive!

Have you Chosen a Hospital?

Of course, having chosen the hospital, you specified all the written and unwritten rules: what to take with you, whether to buy medications or the hospital provides you with the required set of drugs. If not, it’s time to get ready. Besides a hospital bag, do not forget to take the most important things to the hospital: cheerful mood and positive emotions. Soon you will celebrate a holiday.