10 First Signs of Pregnancy – Early Pregnancy Symptoms

First signs of pregnancy may be anything, but there are 10 basic signs, that may tell you’re pregnant even without a pregnancy test.

The day before I knew I got pregnant I was watching a show about three women, who had been pregnant without knowing till the very moment of delivery. That wasn’t a bothering topic, it’s just me and my not pregnant friend had nothing better to watch that evening. We could hardly believe those stories: one of the ladies in that show would deliver into the toilet. She thought she needed to, you know…! She was pregnant with twins!

Everybody ended up sane and healthy. Later that night a joke about giving birth each time any of us went to the toilet was only enough. But the very next day I got a pregnancy test just because I had a couple of widely spread signs of pregnancy – sore breasts and a missed period. After a while, preparing the article, I’ve decided to collect all the typical and not so typical “complaints” of the pregnant patients and new mothers, which have motivated them to check if they were pregnant. And, you know, they were…

So study the first signs of pregnancy right now!

The Top 10 First Signs of Pregnancy


 “My acne disappeared… My skin had always been greasy, so I had to wash my face many times a day. But for a couple of weeks then I had less acne ever. When acne disappeared completely, I started to guess there were some hormonal changes going on…”


However, those, who had no acne before pregnancy may suddenly encounter a problem they’d never dealt with before. Your sebaceous glands work depending on those old good hormonal changes, that get activated at the moment you’ve conceived. This sign is among the most “noticed” first signs of pregnancy.

Smells and Tastes

 “The smell of cigarettes would make me wanna puke… Though a couple of weeks before I knew I was pregnant, I could have a cigarette or two a week. I simply hated the smell! I couldn’t understand, where was my mind, when I’d breathe in that poisoning smoke!”

The sense of smell changes during pregnancy. It’s natural: your body is preparing to be more sensitive ever – you incubate a new species in you. And as you gain weight and lose your grace – your heightened senses are natural hazard prevention, I suppose.

Basal Temperature

 “I was literary burning. My legs and inner thighs were on fire. But on the internet I found, that it was a “syndrome of tired legs”. It’d pass in 3 days. And in ten days I was missing periods. That is the first sure sign of pregnancy”

The thing is – your blood circulation changes in order to consider the new life in you. Your basal temperature may raise and you may feel hotter than before. Most probably you won’t notice if you have things to do.

Body Changes

 “Well, my body felt and looked different. In fact, my husband told me I looked better than ever. He even thought I had a lover and turned suspicious. I personally noticed my shapes became a little more roundish and I generally looked younger”

Hormones may affect your sexual characteristics: your breast may become bigger than at premenstrual period. Your lips may become better marked. In all, people, who know and see you often may say you look different. Pay attention to that.

Diarrhea and Other Intestinal Disorders

“I had terrible diarrhea for three days. I felt no pains, so I never went to the doctor. It just happens to me sometimes before the periods. But this time it was different.”

Some start to feel bloated in the first weeks of pregnancy. These effects are interpreted as a violation of some of the functions of the intestinal tract of a pregnant woman. It occurs as a response signal to the rapid development of the pregnancy or as an irritant, harmful factor arising from the investigation.

Emotional Issues

“Have you seen the “P.S I love you” movie? I was weeping like I’m a broken-hearted teenager while watching. I thought that was due to the PMS, which takes you on the emotional swing, but later I noticed that I’m getting emotional, not irritated, as usual.”


The hormonal changes in you may cause behavioral deviation from your personal norm, a standard of behavior. Some become angry, some can’t hold back their tears, some have high spirits, and are full of energy. If something in your behavior has changed and lasts more than a couple of days – it may be a sign of hormonal changes. The latter may be one of the first signs of pregnancy.

Frequent Urination

“I went to the doctor because I thought I had cystitis. The urination became so frequent, that I had to do something about it.”

The occurrence of pregnancy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG), leads to a urination increase. In pregnancy, blood volume is also increased, but, inter alia, increases the filtration rate and renal blood, which in its turn increases the amount of urine.


 “I felt pains in the lower part of my stomach. Though they were a little bit similar to the period pains, they were sharper, stitching kind.”

Those pains may occur when the egg is attached to the uterine wall at the implantation of the embryo process. Your body is trying to determine and signalize, that there’s an alien object inside of you. Pay attention to spotting – it may also be a sign of implantation, but may indicate some pathology of the process.

Missed Period

 “Well, I simply had a delay in my periods.”

 This is actually the main of the first signs of pregnancy. If you have a calendar, you would know. If you don’t – get one! It’s much easier to understand, what’s wrong with your mood if you have a calendar. There are plenty of free apps.

As for the other widespread symptoms of pregnancy (which I better call first signs of pregnancy, because pregnancy is not an illness) they are:

Dizziness, Sleepiness, Nausea

Dizziness may occur same on the stage of implantation

Sleepiness presumably occurs due to the change in blood circulation.

Dizziness, Sleepiness, Nausea

Nauseamany women go through toxemia and have morning sickness during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes and the fact their body incubates an alien organism. Morning sickness has been depicted as number one of the early signs of pregnancy.

If you observe several of the mentioned above signs or changes – you might be pregnant. If you have to add some of the first signs of pregnancy, that are mentioned above – comment! You will contribute to the full list of the first signs of pregnancy!

Some women say they felt it has just happened. Are you one of those women? Tell us about your first signs of pregnancy.