Male Birth Control Shot – Coming Safe!

Birth control is a concept that for many years has been associated with the female body only. However, male birth control means are no less effective. Scientists have come close to solving the problem of temporary male contraception using male birth control shots.

The latest techniques of male birth control are on the way now. One of them is a testosterone shot in the buttocks, one of the two hormones that stimulate the growth of the follicle and can block sperm production.

Male birth control shots aren’t suggested in a routine order to everyone yet, but they have already driven considerable attention. This method of birth control promises to be as reliable as male sterilization (vasectomy), but as soon as the man stops to protect himself, he may soon get back to procreation. The new method was tested by many couples and received great feedback. Thus, the composition of male birth control shots doesn’t comprise anything criminal, only testosterone in necessary quantity. His body remains the same, neither he nor the others will notice any changes.

The only thing changing – is testicles. As the body contains enough testosterone, they don’t need to develop this hormone anymore. And as soon as there is no hormone – there is no maturing of sperm either. To maintain the level of testosterone in the blood, one needs to repeat the injection every 8 weeks. Thus, it is enough to get a shot once in two months. To restore fertility, there’s no need to do anything particular. After a certain time, the testosterone level in the blood will decrease which will provoke the functioning of testicles, and your hormones will start to produce. The period of restoration takes from 3 to 5 months since the last injection.

Developing the Male Birth Control Shot

Scottish Scientists

Male birth control shot that reduces the sperm amount greatly – is a development of the Scottish scientists. This type of contraception was developed many years ago. More than ten years of tests on volunteers were carried out. Birth control shots for men do not have significant side effects. And it guarantees the maintenance of libido, potency, and ability to conceive a child when the drug will be canceled ( a reproductive function of the organism restores in 3-5 months).


Features and Efficiency

Male birth control shots should be repeated every 8 weeks, which is very convenient. When the dose is picked up correctly, the side effects are absent since the organism of the man will receive a hormone in the same quantity in which it has previously produced it.

The efficacy of male birth control shots is 99%. The method is becoming very popular.

German Scientists

The German scientists participating in testing of essentially new male birth control shots within WHO research consider that this means is more reliable than contraceptive pills for women.

“At least three years will be required for experts of the World Health Organization (WHO)

to check the validity of a fundamentally new male birth control shot” – said project leader, Professor Michael Zitzmann in an interview with German news agency DPA.

Testosterone Shot Blocks the Production of Sperm

“The effectiveness of this birth control shot is comparable with the resection of the ejaculatory ducts”, – says Michael Zitzmann, the specialist in andrology and endocrinology Institute for reproductive medicine at the University of Münster. In this University, the first test of a unique method was carried out in 2004.

The principle of its work is that man gets an injection of testosterone. “The testicles don’t produce testosterone if it comes from outside”, – the physician explained. So, the sperm is not produced also.

No Harm to Health and Looks

What is the advantage of the new male birth control shot? Michael Zitzmann believes that this method extends the couples’ capabilities. “Many men want to set their wives free from the necessity of taking birth control pills – the expert explains. – It can eliminate the risk to the woman’s health, which may be fraught with the birth control pill”.

The researcher believes that all fears that the hormonal shots can change the appearance of the men are ungrounded. “The dose of testosterone corresponds to the amount of hormone that is produced naturally in the male body. So, getting the shot, it will not turn any man into a bodybuilder” – – Zitzmann explained.

According to the expert, the new birth control shot which gives the man the opportunity to control fertility – the ability to bring forth offspring – is a step forward. “Since the male body does not produce sperm, this method is much more reliable than birth control pills which women take” – explained Michael Zitzmann.

According to the medic, the effects of the new male birth control shot were tested only on men by now. Specialists of WHO involved women in the final research – 50 couples will take part in it. Doctors will give testosterone shots to men once in two months.

“To achieve a contraception effect it is enough to give one shot every two months, and the pill must be taken every day. This is another advantage of the method”, – the expert believes.

“For those who want to become fathers, it is enough to stop getting those shots, and in 3-5 months the production of sperm in the body of the man will reach the normal level”, – Zitzmann claims.

How much will the new male birth control shot cost? “Male birth control shots have to cost as much as female birth control pills do”, – the head of the research project concludes.