Birth Control Shot – The Effectiveness & Side-Effects

Birth Control Shot

Women get used to the fact that hormonal birth control means are distributed in the form of pills, suppositories, implants or rings. But it is not the full list of available birth control means. One of the popular birth control means gaining trust is birth control shot. Over the past 20 years, birth control shots are used by more than 10 million women across the world. Contraceptive pricks are the hormonal birth control shots extended in a type of injections, the action of which is directed on a suppression of an ovulation and a thickening of a neck of an uterus. That almost completely levels the possibility of birth control. Preparations of this group contain a substance which is derived from the natural hormone progesterone, which is considered to be one of the safest.

Usage features

Birth control shot is made once in three months on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle (4 times per year). Intramuscular injection is made in an arm or in the buttock. The birth control effect is higher than at other hormonal means are. The number of pregnancies is up to 2 on 100 women a year. Use of birth control shots does not affect the ability to conceive a child in future. In the world practice, any case of the infertility caused by application of such birth control shot has not been documented. However, it is necessary to note that after refusal of birth control shot reproductive function of the woman is restored not at once. It is possible to get pregnant after taking birth control shot in 3 to 12 months. This is the time which is required for normalization of a menstrual cycle.Birth control shot

Advantages of a birth control shot:

  • It has high degree of efficiency (approximately 99%);
  • birth control shot eliminates the need to take pills every day. There is no discomfort associated with constant self-control on taking birth control pills and other contraceptives;
  • it can be used during lactation (breastfeeding);
  • birth control shot is suitable for women of any age and for those who are contraindicated the use of combined oral contraceptives because of the presence of diseases such as varicose veins, thrombosis in the past, heart defects, etc;
  • it reduces the risk of certain gynecological diseases (mastopathy, uterine fibroids, endometriosis);
  • birth control shot does not cause sterility;
  • it can be applied to the smoking women;
  • Birth control shots are perfectly tolerated by women and practically do not have serious side effects;
  • Reduces the risk of ectopic pregnancy and ovarian cysts;
  • This type of birth control does not affect metabolism of the body, and also it does not affect the functioning of a digestive tract and that of a liver;
  • Besides providing a contraceptive effect it has a therapeutic effect in PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and menopausal syndrome, mastopathy, painful menstruation, endometriosis, reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, fungal diseases of the vagina.
  • Women who take antiepileptic means, and also the preparations accelerating destruction in a liver of other substances can use this birth control shot. But thus, the next injection of a preparation becomes possible in 10 weeks.

Disadvantages of birth control shot:

  • the lack of protection from sexually transmitted infections;
  • in certain cases, it can cause violations of a menstrual cycle;
  • there is a possibility of increased body mass and reduced libido;
  • during use of a preparation the woman has to be examined by the gynecologist 2 times a year;
  • there is contraindication (cancer of the reproductive system, irregular bleeding, problems with blood clotting, depression, etc.).

Side effects and complications of birth control shot

Side effects of birth control shot: menstrual irregularitiesThe first birth control injection shot may disturb the menstrual cycle, which manifests in the form of intermenstrual bleeding, which may be abundant in nature. Therefore, in certain cases, the doctor can appoint a repeated injection earlier than in three months. And the third and subsequent injections will be implemented on the same schedule. The most frequent side effects from use of contraceptive injections are small increase in body weight that is connected with appetite increase, irregular menstrual cycle or its absence, headaches, mood swings, the decrease of sexual libido, temporary decrease of bones density. All these affects vanish after the termination of preparation usage. For prevention of decrease in density of bones and development of osteoporosis during application of birth control shots, it is necessary to take vitamin D and calcium additionally. In a case of developing of plentiful uterine bleeding (that happens extremely seldom, in one of thousand women), pains in the bottom of a stomach, frequent urination, depression, yellowing of the skin, or appearance of consolidation in a mammary gland it is necessary to see the doctor.

Indications for use of birth control shot:

  • Impossibility to use any other methods of contraception for any reason;
  • Treatment of endometriosis and uterine fibroids;
  • Need of birth control right after the abortion;
  • Birth control for women of an elder age.

Contraindications for birth control shots

The birth control shot is not recommended as a contraception method to those women, who have menstrual cycle violations or planning a pregnancy in the nearest future. Any liver dysfunctions and diabetes may also become contraindications of using this method of contraception. However, it is possible only with extreme caution and under the supervision of a doctor.

How long one may use birth control shots?

Birth control shots can be used up to the age of fifty and laterActually, if there are no contraindications, birth control shots can be used up to the age of fifty and later. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to be monitored regularly for the development of osteoporosis and weight should be monitored so it doesn’t go beyond the norm. Any drugs, anesthesia, other injections, and medications do not reduce the effectiveness of birth control shots and do not cause allergic reactions or other difficulties. Anyway, it is necessary to think twice before deciding to get a shot. Side effects are not the most pleasant prospect of the issue.

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