Home Ovulation Test: A Must-Have Kit for Conception

Every healthy woman faces ovulation once in a menstrual cycle. And knowing the ovulation day is one of the key instruments in birth control – whether you want to avoid pregnancy or to conceive a child. We are going to speak about the ways to define ovulation without visiting a specialist. First of all, what is ovulation, and how to recognize it?

Ovulation is a period during the menstrual cycle when the egg is released from one of the ovaries and moves towards the uterus. It is considered the best period to conceive a child. However, the ovulation lasts only for 48 hours! Many couples try to determine these best days.

During the process of maturing, cells of the follicle are enriched with estrogen. The bigger the follicle becomes the more estrogen will be produced. When the level of estrogen is high enough for ovulation, the release of luteinizing hormone occurs. The egg moves to the uterus to meet the sperm.

Why Should Women Track Ovulation?

Knowing the day of ovulation may help you avoid undesired pregnancy as well as help you find the best day to conceive a child. Actually, it may even influence the gender of your future child! It is proved that if the child was conceived on the day of ovulation, there are high chances that the woman will give birth to a boy. If it happened one or two days earlier or later then it will be a daughter. Of course, there is no 100% certainty.


Symptoms of Ovulation

Some women do not even need any ovulation tests to figure out that they are ovulating due to the pain syndrome in ovulation. However, sometimes it can be confused with appendicitis or uterus impairments. In most cases, a woman feels a sharp pain in the lower part of the stomach (if the pain is getting worse, you should take a painkiller and go straight to the hospital!) The basal body temperature is lower than usual and increases the next day.

The unusual discharge from the vagina is usually the sign of ovulation. Many women actually appear to be more sexually active during this period. It is explained by the fact that the level of estrogen in the female body increases in ovulation and stimulates sexual desire. Sometimes a sharp pain in the uterus may take place. Ultrasound is the best way to find out what may be wrong.

Using An Ovulation Test At Home

Ovulation tests help determine the most fertile days. Most of the modern ovulation tests are based on finding out the high luteinizing hormone level in urine. So, when is it better to start testing? It depends on the duration of the menstrual cycle. If the cycles are of the same duration then the first test should be taken about 17 days before menstruation. If the duration of the cycles varies, it is better to use the shortest one for determination. If ovulations are not regular the effectiveness of using tests is quite low.


How To Use An Ovulation Test

Tests may be taken at any time of the day. Morning is considered to be the best time due to the fact, that your urine is most concentrated after sleep. It is recommended to avoid urinating for at least four hours before the test. In that case, the concentration of the luteinizing hormone will be higher and the result will be more accurate. Tests appear to be more accurate if combined with ultrasound. The saliva test may also be effective but it is rather expensive.

How To Read Ovulation Test Result

Compare a test band with a control band that appears when the test is taken properly. If the control band is darker than the test band then the release of the luteinizing hormone has not happened yet. If the test band is darker, ovulation will occur in about 24 or 36 hours. Once it happens, there is no necessity to continue testing.

Potential Difficulties

Unfortunately, the tests are not always accurate because they measure the luteinizing hormone level. It may be high because of kidney diseases or hormonal dysfunction. The level of luteinizing hormone increases under the influence of other hormones that may be produced as a response to particular kinds of drugs including injections that stimulate ovulation.

Stimulating Ovulation

Some women, unfortunately, can not ovulate and it does not allow them to have children. Partners who cannot conceive a child for at least a year should definitely consider visiting a specialist. Also, couples over the age of 40 often face this problem. In some cases, it is possible to stimulate ovulation. Taking hormonal medicine is the most effective way of stimulating ovulation. But it takes quite a lot of time and some kinds of medicine may lead to side effects. Only about 70% of all the therapies end up successfully. Sometimes taking vitamins is helpful.


Ovulation has its symptoms and peculiarities. And it is useful for a woman to track ovulation. Ovulation can be traced at home with the help of tests that can be purchased at any pharmacy and online, on Amazon. But it is always better to combine ultrasound and tests. The results will be more accurate.