9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Swimming While Pregnant

Swimming is good for your health at any age. During pregnancy, when it’s not allowed for women to physically overexert themselves they still can keep fit and healthy via swimming while pregnant. In the third trimester future mothers usually feel huge and clumsy on dry land. With the help of swimming, they are able to move easily and gracefully again and to get rid of the sensation of heaviness. The water allows pregnant women to relieve bodily stress and fatigue. Muscle stretching is less difficult in the water. Swimming while pregnant can help you to prepare for giving birth.

During the delivery, every muscle in the mother’s body will strain. Going to the swimming pool during the course of pregnancy will get your muscular system ready for the oncoming challenge. You’ll become stronger and tougher.

When you’ve just got into the water it’s recommended that you do some exercise, stretching, and relaxing your muscles. It’ll help you to get your body ready for the labor. These movements will have become automatic with the course of time, so your body will know how to react during childbirth. Even if you don’t know how to swim you’ll benefit from some water exercise: just stay in shallow water areas.

Swimming While Pregnant: 9 Reasons to Do it on a Regular Basis

Swimming while pregnant has a lot of various advantages – here are the most important of them:


No Swellings and Varicose Veins

Varicose veins and swellings are the two widespread and serious problems during pregnancy. Swimming while pregnant helps to relieve any tension and pain your body is in and to get rid of swellings and varicose veins altogether.

Steady Physical Exercise

In the water the load is evenly spread, all the groups of muscles engaged. This includes the muscles of your belly, small pelvis, and pelvic floor. So, by the time of the delivery, your body will be in good shape for giving birth to a baby.

The medical experts admit that if a pregnant woman’s started swimming while pregnant since the first trimester her chances for quick and uncomplicated delivery are high.

Swimming makes your back muscles strong. A lot of women feel lower back pain during pregnancy – this area is affected because of the additional weight. Swimming while pregnant will alleviate the pain sensations, help to relax your back.

Swimming while pregnant is also good for future mothers diagnosed with a high possibility of a miscarriage because of overstrained abdominal muscles. The exercise will relieve the tension. Swimming is a pleasure for future mothers because it’s forbidden to lie on your stomach during pregnancy. But this position is completely safe when you’re in the water, so you can finally relax and be content.

Blood Circulation in the Organism, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems Improvement

Because the pressure is different in the water, blood and lymph circulation speeds up and your lungs are functioning very well, your breathing deep and even.

Due to all this, you and the fetus receive the necessary amount of oxygen. Your respiratory system also is developing, making it easier for you to go through the delivery.

It’s Very Beneficial to Dive!

The Japanese statistics have shown that the babies whose mothers had been swimming and diving while pregnant were born especially strong and healthy. Diving requires a future mother to hold her breath for quite some time – that’s the reason. Such breathing gymnastics is incredibly beneficial.

You can try doing respiratory exercises outside the swimming pool, but diving makes the process natural. Diving, as well as swimming while pregnant, will take a positive effect on you and your unborn child.

Strengthening the Immune System

All the abovementioned factors are making your immune system stronger. The water temperature differs from the air temperature: this difference also has a positive effect on your immunity.


Keeping Your Weight Gain In Check

Swimming while pregnant makes it possible for you to control your pregnancy weight gain and avoid excess weight. You’ll be able to burn 600 calories during one workout!

Emotional Stability and Right Fetal Position

Swimming while pregnant helps the future mother to relax and calm down; the woman feels only the positive emotions. The baby is also content – it feels everything its mother feels.

Swimming while pregnant will help the baby to take the right position in the womb and therefore completely eliminate placenta previa. The doctors believe that expectant mothers should choose swimming during pregnancy and engage in it more often so that the baby turns over and stays in the proper position.

Advantages for the Baby

During the delivery, the baby will experience anoxia (oxygen deficiency) which is a huge stress. Respiratory exercises while swimming train not only the mother’s lungs but also the baby’s still growing ones.

Psychological Balance

Swimming while pregnant lets the woman be in control over her body and makes her more confident. A lot of future mothers choose swimming while pregnant. You can make new acquaintances: your training sessions will become more interesting, and you’ll always be able to find something to discuss with your friends.

The Best Time to Start Swimming While Pregnant

You’d better start going to the swimming pool in the first weeks of pregnancy if there are no contraindications to it. Some gynecologists advise their patients to start swimming before pregnancy when they are still trying to conceive. The sooner you start exercising the sooner your body will be completely prepared for childbirth. If you’re only planning a pregnancy but have already been going to the pool it’s great! Swimming is an effective preventive measure against swellings, varicose veins, lower back pains, and mood swings during pregnancy.

You’ll have to remember a few nuances, though. Don’t overexert yourself during the period when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus. It’s better to swim in a calm and even manner. The same goes for the third trimester. Pay more attention to respiratory gymnastics before the delivery.

Contraindications to Swimming While Pregnant

Any physical exercise has its contraindications. Considering swimming, there are a few ones too:

  • Allergy to chlorine
  • Copious vaginal spotting
  • High odds of a miscarriage

If the overall condition of the future mother’s health is good there should be no contraindications to swimming while pregnant. But make sure to consult a doctor before making that choice. However, it’s likely that you’ll discuss it with your physician anyway – you’ll need a medical permit to attend a swimming pool.