Pregnancy Test: When To Take To Be Positive?

When To Take Pregancy Test To Be Positive?
When To Take Pregancy Test To Be Positive?

Pregnancy test – is a procedure that allows you to identify the signs of a woman’s pregnancy in the early stage.

A short pregnancy test:

  • Are you a woman of reproductive age?
  • Have you recently had unprotected sex, involving the exchange of liquids?
  • Are you missing your periods or have any other early signs of pregnancy?
  • Yes to all? Now you need a home pregnancy test!

How does it work?

pregnancy testA pregnancy test is still the fastest, easiest and safest way to know if you are pregnant. Basically, it will show any type of pregnancy and some types of cancer. Any sort of pregnancy test is based on the principle that the reagent shows the presence of the hormone, that fetus provokes in your pee. So, there’s not much difference which one to buy: they all will show if you are pregnant.

But the science is moving forward. The market sponsors research and studies. Now there are tests, which determine the level of the hormone and may tell the exact age of a fetus. In general, it’s the sensitivity of the test that may vary from those cheapest to the expensive ones. But all of them may tell you, if you are pregnant, after the first day of the delay, when the hormone level is high enough. Some of them may tell if you are pregnant a bit earlier due to the high sensitivity.

“The home pregnancy test measures the levels of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG) in your urine. This hormone is produced by the cells that form the placenta when the fertilized egg attached to the uterine wall. It happens on the sixth day after fertilization of the egg, in general.”

When to take a pregnancy test?

ultrasound pregnancy testSo, you know you have to wait for the delay of your periods. Normally the delay is the reason, why you are buying the test. And after the first day of the delay choose yourself a pregnancy test, if you were experiencing something like early pregnancy symptoms. You’d better take two to exclude that % of wrong results. Pick two of the different brands.

May the pregnancy test show wrong?

Remember – the test may show wrong in the following cases:

  • You did not follow the instructions properly; (it’s very easy – just pee on the test stripe, or immerse the test strip in the container with urine, give it some time to absorb your pee, and leave it for some minutes to process.)
  • The test is taken too early (the hormone level is just not enough to be recognized by the test); In this case, wait for a couple of days.
  • In case of hormone-dependent tumors (a man has accidentally discovered to have a testicle tumor via testing himself for pregnancy, which he carried for fun;)
  • Dysfunction of the ovaries;
  • In a case of the pathology of pregnancy.
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Positive result. What’s next?

positive pregnancy testKeep in mind that the positive pregnancy test result does not evidence that the pregnancy is normal. The hormone will present in your urine even in a case of the Ectopic pregnancy. I mean to say, that you should also undergo the ultrasound examination to make sure your fertilized egg is in the right place. Go see the doctor, who would tell you, how to live now.

As I said – the difference between all of those tests is based on the sensitivity and the way the result is displayed. It may be the physical changing of the strip color or a digital inscription “PREGNANT”. The cheapie ones you would have to immerse into a container with your urine, and those a little bit more expensive collect your pouring urine. But all of them work. If you are inpatient and want to know immediately the result of your sex – study the table, I found here and pick up the most sensitive (with the smallest number):

Pregnancy test sensitivity chart.

sensivity chart table

Some tips for precise results

  • Take a test in the morning (urine gets concentrated as you sleep)
  • Take it closer to the expected date of your periods
  • Give it some time to show the result

Good luck, ladies!


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    Actually my periods ranges between 28-32 days and normally I have bleeding for 3 days with clots and think blood. But this month I had different experience, I had pinkish spotting and on the next day my period started with watery blood consistency and with small clots for first three days, it’s very strange for me to see blood on 4th and 5th day. I’m still experiencing abdominal pain and feeling so weak. I’m not sure what’s happening and I don’t have available appointment also. Can anybody help me.

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