2 Weeks Pregnant – An Egg’s “journey” | Symptoms and Feelings

So, the first week of an obstetric pregnancy came to an end. It is still the first month of pregnancy. What will happen inside the weeks pregnant the female body now? What secrets does “ovulation” conceal? Is it possible to increase the likelihood of conception?

2 weeks pregnant – this week precedes conception. Ovulation occurs at the end of the 12-14th day of the cycle. And again, as obstetricians and gynecologists consider – a period of two weeks is not yet a pregnancy. At the 2nd week of pregnancy, a fetus doesn’t yet exist. In fact, often a fetus is attached to the uterus only at the 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, and then it can already be seen with an ultrasound. It is the second week of the menstrual cycle when fertilization may occur. The body of an expectant mother is only preparing for the upcoming changes.


Immediately after periods, a woman’s body starts to actively prepare itself for conception. A mature egg is ready for the fertilization process. Ovulation starts by the second week of an obstetric pregnancy, or close to its end, and many women, who want to become pregnant in the nearest future, are looking forward to this moment. This is the most favorable time for conception.  These are the ideal days for active “pair work” for those who are planning a baby.

However, there is a small nuance: it is extremely difficult to determine the exact date of ovulation. That is why doctors adhere to this type of calculation of gestational age.

2 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

Being 2 weeks pregnant, a woman cannot observe any symptoms, because the actual conception has not happened yet. This is a period of ovulation, and only favorable circumstances can provoke a “true” conception. Therefore, the symptoms of pregnancy are not observed in practice at this stage.

Is it possible to increase the likelihood of conception?

It is well known, that during sexual intercourse, sperm gets into the environment, which has a quite unusual chemical composition. In order to at least one of the spermatozoids can get to the “right place”, gynecologists recommend the following positions to increase the likelihood of conception:

– The “Missionary” position

– A knee-elbow position (doggy-style, when a man is behind a woman).

Immediately after ejaculation, a woman must lie for at least 20-30 minutes. And, a pillow or cushion can be put under the pelvis.

What Is Happening Inside of You?


An Egg’s “Journey”

The second week of pregnancy is characterized by many changes in a woman’s body, the main change is oocyte maturation. Just imagine: an egg – it is half of the genetic material that will be inherited by your baby. In other words, this is your direct contribution to the lineaments of his appearance, character, and intelligence.

For the whole period of the 2nd week of pregnancy, the egg of a future mother is still in the ovary, in a small bottle with a cloudy liquid. This seemingly unremarkable bubble is called a follicle. In the future, its role in the development and formation of pregnancy will be priceless.

The follicle continues to accumulate the liquid, it is continuously growing in size and eventually starts to protrude above the surface of the ovary, appearing as a small hump.

When the shell of the follicle becomes as thin as possible, the bubble’s walls, which are unable to bear the tension, burst. The liquid flows directly into the abdominal cavity, taking away the matured egg.

This moment is called ovulation.

2 Weeks Pregnant Feelings

Every woman dreaming of a baby is looking forward to having any feelings. She gets up in the morning and goes to sleep at night with the hope that a new day will give some hint confirming her pregnancy. But the second week of an obstetric pregnancy – is not yet a conception. This is just one of the steps leading to it. Consequently, the 2nd week of pregnancy does not bring any obvious feelings into the life of a future mother.


The Sacrament of Ovulation

Most often, this action takes place at the end of the second week of an obstetric pregnancy, but if a woman’s menstrual cycle is longer than 30-31 days, ovulation may come a little later, at the beginning of the third week of an obstetric period.

It happens that several, two, or more eggs mature at once. In this case, an expectant mother has every chance to learn about multiple pregnancies in the near future. For some people, it is a great joy, but for others, multiple pregnancies can be a very difficult test. In particular, if a woman’s body is weakened, exhausted, or a woman has certain health problems – it is required careful medical monitoring of further development.

Immediately after the rupture of the follicle and ovulation, the egg starts moving towards the uterus in the body of a future mother. There is one of the ends of the fallopian tube in the abdominal cavity, which is surrounded by the so-called villi, vaguely resembling a flower with delicate narrow petals. They help the egg to “navigate” in the right direction. Further, the cell enters the fallopian tube, which is covered with billions of tiny cilia, contributing to an outflow of liquid in the desired direction. It is in the fallopian tube where the fertilization takes place. If this phenomenon occurs, then from this moment we can talk about a “real” pregnancy.

2 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures