Post Pregnancy Belly: How to Cope With Changes? How Long Can It Take?

Post Pregnancy Belly

After giving birth every woman wants to get her “pre-pregnant” body shape as soon as possible. The object of the most intense attention in this case is the abdomen. Is it possible to fully improve your post pregnancy belly? How long can it take?

How Does the Belly Look Like Immediately after Birth?

For the majority of women who have given birth, the real problem is a stretched abdomen after delivery. Only some lucky people manage to show off their former prenatal forms after the appearance of the baby.

As a rule, the belly does not disappear immediately after childbirth. It decreases gradually. Postnatal sizes are individual. In some women, the belly looks like at 3 months of pregnancy, while in others it is similar to 6 months. And all this is normal. Do not get discouraged. Still, many women wonder – How long does it take for post pregnancy belly to get back in shape?

The abdomen after childbirth does not disappear immediately. It depends on several factors:

  • the elasticity of muscles and skin;
  • nutrition during pregnancy;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • the number of pregnancies and births;
  • the nature of pregnancy and childbirth, the absence of complications during this period;
  • metabolism;
  • the state of the muscles of the peritoneum before pregnancy.

How Soon Can You Get the Former Belly Shape Back?

Some women do not have to do anything to make their belly look the same as before. But the majority of women are not so lucky. As a rule, the post pregnancy belly does not look perfect.

Here are the main reasons why the belly remains after delivery:

In the process of bearing a child, fat appears in the abdominal region. It is necessary to protect the baby from the outside. This process is regulated by hormonal changes and is provided by nature. But in order not to gain too much fat, follow a balanced diet both before and during pregnancy, and also after childbirth.

As the baby grows in the womb, the abdominal muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus gradually expand. Therefore, immediately after the birth of the baby, the stomach cannot become flat. The muscles and ligaments need time for the reduction. Muscles of the abdomen after childbirth will decrease faster if during pregnancy the woman maintained physical activity and performed the exercises allowed during the gestation period.

Post Pregnancy Belly. fatty belly

The uterus during pregnancy greatly increases as well. Uterus involution happens gradually. To make this process faster, it is important to establish breastfeeding. On average, it takes several months, but if a child was born with the help of a caesarean section, the recovery of the uterus may take much longer.

It’s impossible to say when the belly will get smaller after childbirth. This is very individual. You can only identify the factors that affect this process. This is the time that has passed since the birth, willpower, heredity, and the elasticity of tissues. And, of course, your motivation. Without it you won’t achieve a good result.

For women who gave birth for the first time and gained not more than 12 kg it is easier to cope with the problem. Women, who have given birth to several babies, recover faster emotionally and psychologically. But with each pregnancy it gets harder to fix the problem of post pregnancy belly and get the previous body shape back. After Caesarean section, the recovery takes even more time.

Recovery of the Uterus

Involution of the genital organ takes about 2 months. Such a long period is explained by the fact that the uterus stretches along with the growth of the baby. It begins to contract right after the child’s appearance. But the rate of contraction is individual. It depends on the physiological characteristics of the woman, on the nature of the birth and the qualification of the gynecologist. In case of multiple pregnancy or a large weight of a newborn, recovery proceeds more slowly.

Post Pregnancy Belly. baby inside the uterus

Skin after Childbirth

The post pregnancy belly is hanging due to stretched skin. It stretches all 9 months of pregnancy as the fetus grows. Skin, just like the muscles of the peritoneum and uterus, is not capable of returning to its original state immediately after delivery.

To restore its elasticity, massage is recommended. If there is no possibility to use the services of a professional massage therapist, a good alternative is to massage this area of ​​the body in the shower with a natural sponge. You can use oils with vitamins A and E to massage the abdomen after childbirth. It will help restore skin elasticity. The recommended duration of the session is 15 minutes.

Even if a woman before the birth of a baby was intensely engaged in sports, if she has excellent health and she didn’t gain a lot of extra pounds during pregnancy, she cannot quickly return the skin on her stomach to its original form. This requires time and some systematic efforts.

How to Get Rid of Post Pregnancy Belly and Saggy Skin?

If the belly hangs after birth, a complex approach is important.


To improve the appearance of your belly after birth, you need a properly selected regular physical load. Making a saggy belly after birth as flat as before is possible only with the help of regular physical exercises.

Post Pregnancy Belly. Closeup of young woman with measure tape on white background

Physical exercises not only help to strengthen the abs muscles, but also burn calories, thereby contributing to the reduction of the fat layer formed during pregnancy. You can do the exercises in the gym or at home. It is also useful to swim in the pool. Each woman determines by herself what kind of training is most suitable for her.

Many people prefer shaping. This is a complex of aerobics and athletic gymnastics. During the training, the targeted influence on various muscle groups is realized, due to which not only the press, but also the muscles of the whole body develop.

Typically, such training is conducted in the gym in groups led by an instructor. On the one hand, it is very convenient. The coach will see how correctly you perform the exercises, and exclude those exercises that are not suitable for you. But it may be uncomfortable for a mother to leave home at a strictly defined time.

For this reason, many women prefer working out at home. Now many home exercise complexes have been developed, which help ensure that the big belly does not remain after childbirth.

Doing exercises at home, you should follow certain recommendations:

  • Before the start of the training, you must perform an easy warm-up;
  • Do not use additional weights during exercises;
  • It is recommended to keep the press in a constant tense during the training sessions.
  • If the birth was natural, then you can start training in about 2 months. In the case of cesarean section, start working out not earlier than in 3 months. Do not start training too early. It will not bring you the desirable result. What’s more, it can cause irreparable harm to your health.
  • Perform the exercises carefully and slowly. The main thing in this case is the regularity and consistency.
  • Before starting physical activity, a woman should always consult a doctor. He can help with the issue of the possibility and intensity of training, taking into account the characteristics of pregnancy and childbirth.


In many women after childbirth, excess weight goes away extremely slowly. This is usually associated with a slow metabolism. In this case, especially if the post pregnancy belly remains big after delivery, the mother should pay increased attention to her nutrition. Keep in mind that the health of the woman and the baby directly depends on the right diet.

It is recommended to exclude fatty and very high-calorie food from the diet. At the same time breastfeeding mothers should not engage in any diets for weight loss. The nutrition of a woman during this period should be diverse and rational. The lack of vitamins and microelements, which can occur with improper or poor diet, will affect not only her health, but also the health of the baby.

Post Pregnancy Belly. balanced-diet

One of the main rules of a nursing mother is the need for a large amount of fluids throughout the day. Basically, pure drinking water is the best choice here. It removes toxins from the body, promotes the rapid breakdown of fats and the return of a good physical form.

A young mum can fall into depression after giving birth, by looking at her post pregnancy belly. But there is no reason for panic. Changes of the body after the birth of the child are determined by some physiological causes. It’s impossible to predict when the belly gets back in shape. This is very individual and depends on both the physiology of the woman and the course of pregnancy. But to speed the process up is within the power of every woman. Systematic training and rational nutrition will help improving the post pregnancy belly.

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